About Me

I was born free - and I plan on dying that way. 

Everyday Ramblings

It all started way back when God was sitting there, and He decided to lighten the place up, and so... well... actually, let's skip a little ahead. ;-)


I dedicated my life at the age of thirteen to Christ. Around a month after I decided that Christ was to guide my life, I felt led to dedicate my life towards the preservation of liberty. To further myself towards that goal I joined the NCFCA to learn to speak and to communicate. I currently plan on attending college in order to better learn, and to become better equipped to lead in the legal arena.


I personally am greatly interested in the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms; I believe the Second Amendment and that right to self-defense (both from tyrants and thugs) is the most important right for mankind, for it is that right in which we can secure the others. Slaves are disarmed for a reason.


I also play basketball, mow and cut down fences at our family farm, work at our family business (an oldies radio station) and pretend to be able to understand algebra. Though I'm not quite sure about the last one, as of yet. ;-)


I am now accepting money through cash, check or gold in order to help my tuition for college. ;-)