Shaun Ali Bongo Maxwell poetry

dedicated to everyone except Hitler because mum said
"he wer a bad 'un"

A collection of poems, song lyrics and prose by Shaun Maxwell aka "Shaun Ali Bongo". Singer and front man of the Taser Puppets - this is an insight into his world. [Compiled by John Winstanley author of 'Unsigned Unscene'Chapter 9 - The Penniless Playboy
Lemon Lips
Lemon lips,

Twisted slice of life,

Supping schadenfreude cocktails,

Bigging up - putting down,

Climbing the ladder breaking the rungs,

Wanking venom on victims castrated in slums,

Relish the rumour,

All sense is self,

Wronging the rights,

For everyone else.

Bitter and twisted never tasted so good,

With a stroke of a pen,

The safety net's gone,

You're all lazy bastards,

You're all drunken, whores,

You're dishonest scroungers...

"well no I'm just poor"

Would be my answer,

If I had a voice,

Would be my answer,

If I had a choice.

Your words boldly echo,

In each empty ward,

Nursed by contractions,

Till no one cares anymore,

So don't give me more scapegoats,

This is class war.

You really do hate us,

We're common as muck,

Breeding like rabbits,

And don't care a fuck,

So It's time to teach us degenerate strays,

Bring back the old order,

Know your place,

A cap-doffing public,

repeating your lies,

Quoting your medias,

Perpetual tripe.

Flat screen riots,

Immigrant scum,

DWP holidays for the work-shy bums,

The bollockless puppets,

Continue your work,

The rapacious & greedy dish the same dirt,

Empathy's dying it's a bit of a chore,

Make no bones about it,

This is class war.

 Washing Machine
Washing machines make things clean,
I want a massive washing machine,
Chuck in war, stress, politicians and death,
My washing machine would make the world clean.