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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, dropped out of pre-school at the age of 3 & unschooled myself by following my various interests. At age 13 I began taking community college classes & discovered the wonders of geology through my incredible professor & mentor.

After moving to Rhode Island to attend Brown University & completing my bachelor’s in geology, I worked in environmental consulting for six years. It wasn’t until I spent time as a docent at the local natural history museum that I finally figured out the career I was born to do.

I began the Museum Education Program at George Washington University in the summer of 2011.  Through it, I have gotten to create educational programs for Smithsonian museums and work with visitors of myriad ages and abilities. 

My ideal work environment will involve being on my feet & actively engaging both the scientific & creative sides of my brain. I have been dancing since I was 3, and I also design clothing & dance costumes, make all sorts of crafts, build furniture, paint, sing, & play the piano.

I believe that creative arts, movement & interaction are excellent tools for helping people engage with science, which can often be daunting at first. I will always be seeking out new ways to bring those elements together to create participatory educational programs.