Design & Creative

I have done computer-based graphic design for display panels, self-guide booklets, floor plans, maps, and informational handouts.  I have also designed clothing, jewelry, and furniture; I love creating and building things with my hands. 

I have 29 years of experience in dance technique and performance, including ten years of choreography and production. Dance has always been a central pillar of my life that has defined my sense of balance. I also love crafts, and I make music in the form of singing, piano and handbells.  The creative arts influence everything that I do and have greatly informed the educational programs and activities that I develop.

Graphic Design

  • Used Adobe InDesign CS5.5 to create a poster about astronaut Dr. Kathryn Sullivan for the National Air and Space Museum's commemoration of the Space Shuttle program
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  • Collaborated with a classmate to design a self-guide for the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; the guide explored the concept of illusion in contemporary works of art
  • Assisted with graphic design for project proposals and marketing materials at Resource Control Associates in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Dance Performance and Choreography

  • Member of Glade Dance Collective in Washington, DC from 2014 to present. 
    • Collectively choreographed and performed "Mine/Field" for the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival.
    • Created "Just Be" for the 2015 National Choreography Month
  • Participated in ensemble choreography and performance through the CREATE workshop at Joy of Motion Dance Center and Dance Place in Washington, DC. 
  • Danced in Fusionworks Dance Company in Lincoln, RI between 2005 and 2011; performed in 20 different works.
    • Set "Snooze" (2010) on the Fusionworks II apprentice company
  • Performed in "My Husband's Mother", "Civil Liberties" and "Three Years," all choreographed by members of Brown University in Providence, RI, between 2001 and 2005
  • Studied at Danse Boutique in Livermore, CA from 1986 to 2001
Costumes and Crafts

Costumes and Crafts

  • Designed, sewed and altered costumes for thirteen dance pieces with Fusionworks Dance Company in Lincoln, Rhode Island
  • Created beaded jewelry and gifts as a small business, The Rock Diva Beaded Jewelry
  • Built and upholstered small furniture items, including a padded headboard and vanity stool
  • Made fabric carrying cases with custom-sewn storage compartments
  • Painted and created collage artworks