Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket
                    An Urban CSA
in Berkeley California

Welcome to the Shattuck Gardens/Berkeley Basket CSA Website.
Shattuck Gardens in an intensively cultivated urban farm that produces enough fresh produce for about
20 people - in a normal-sized North Berkeley backyard, supplemented with small plots in neighborhood yards. 
A partnership between Urban Farmers Willow Rosenthal (Co-Author of The Essential Urban Farmer) and 
Colette Rowe, and the family of Sophie Hahn & Eric Bjerkholt, Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket is an 
economically viable model for the production, distribution and consumption of low input, organically grown, 
sustainably produced urban food. 
We are happy to share our model, which we believe is widely replicable, and hope to inspire others to grown and 
consume sustainable, organic fresh food in urban and suburban environments.
This website is designed primarily for use by members of the Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket CSA.  If you
would like more 
information about the Shattuck Gardens model of urban farming, please contact us at the
emails listed below. 
Notes, recipes and other information will be posted on this website from time to time.  We will send a link to
CSA members when new material is available. 

Thank you for being a part of Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket CSA!
To reach Colette Rowe, click here:  coletterowe@gmail.com
To reach Sophie Hahn, click here: Sophiehahn@sbcglobal.net
To reach Willow Rosenthal, click here: Willow.violet.summer@gmail.com 
To visit the Berkeley Edible Gardens Website (chronicling our successful effort to amend Berkeley's
Zoning Code to allow the sale and trade of homegrown produce), click here: www.berkeleyediblegardens.org
Produce Basket Season - 2016:
  • Baskets will be available for pick-up starting the first week of March, after 4:00pm on Wednesdays, through
    November 16th.  Members are asked to sign-on for a full year (or remainder of the year) and will 
    baskets weekly during this growing season.
  • Please email Sophie and Colette if you are not able to retrieve your basket for any reason. Overnight
    refrigeration is not possible, but we can cover your basket for retrieval on Thursday morning if necessary. 
  • If you will be out of town and unable to enjoy your basket for any week or weeks, please let us know
    in advance and we will make the basket available to any friend to whom you wish to gift your share. 
    We are not able to find substitutes on your behalf, and will charge the CSA Share fee whether you are able
    to receive your basket or not.
What is a CSA and how does it work?:
  • Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket operates on a "CSA" model - Community Supported Agriculture.
    Members of a CSA 
    pay the same fee on a weekly basis as a means of  supporting the farm's operations
    year-round.  In return, 
    members receive a weekly share of the farm's bounty. It is understood that the
    share of produce received 
    in winter may be leaner and less varied, while the share in
    summer may be more varied and abundant.
  • Because membership is a means of supporting the farming enterprise and not payment for the produce
    delivered per se, the fee remains the same all year, even if the quantity of produce delivered varies.
    Shattuck Gardens does not charge a fee during the 3 winter months (December, January & February)
    when no produce is delivered, but will charge members the rest of the year.
  • If a member is out of town and can not receive his or her share, we will make the share available for
  • pick-up to whomever the member designates. We are unable to find substitutes on behalf of members
    and will charge for shares throughout the growing season.  

Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket CSA Shares:
  • One of the unique features - and benefits - of Shattuck Gardens/The Berkeley Basket CSA is that produce
    received is washed, trimmed and bundled - making it easy and pleasant to store and consume. 
    We know that for fresh-picked produce to be consumed, it must be delivered in a manner supportive
    of members' busy lives.  This is a significant benefit that is not available through most CSAs.  

  • A share in The Berkeley Basket CSA includes a week's worth of fresh, organically grown backyard produce,
    washed, trimmed, bundled and packed in a wicker basket.  Shares are picked up by members from the
    front porch of the Shattuck Gardens residence.
  • Shares are billed on an annual, tri-annual or monthly basis. Payment are by check.  
    Annual payments receive a 10-12% discount from the monthly rate.  Triannual payments receive a 5-6% discount.
  • A Full Share includes produce for 3 adults or 2 adults and 1-2 young children.
    The cost for a full share is $32 per week, billed monthly.  With the Annual payment discount

    (one payment per year), the cost comes to $28 per week.  With the Triennial billing discount
    (3 payments per year), the cost is $30 per week.    

  • Full Share "Plus" membership includes produce for 4 adults and costs $42 per week.  With the Annual
    payment, $38 per week, and with the Triennial billing discount, $40 per week.
  • We also ask members to provide 8 hours of volunteer labor per season, or to "buy out" those hours at
    a rate of $15 per hour.  We organize garden work days and can provide other opportunities for volunteer

Shattuck Gardens Eggs:

  • For the 2016 Season we are taking a "chicken vacation" and will not be offering eggs.  
    We may offer them in the future.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.  

  • Eggs can be requested in any quantity, up to a dozen weekly, and are charged separately.

  • In the unusual circumstance, if our hens are short, we supplement with fresh, organic eggs
    procured from a local farmer's market.  This way, you will always receive the number of eggs you require,
    even if they are not all from our chickens.  

  • Eggs are $8 per dozen, $4 for a half dozen, and otherwise charged at approximately 70 cents per egg.  


What we Grow:

  • Based on what is feasible to grow in North Berkeley, we are eager to grow vegetables and varieties suggested
    by our members.  Please let us know if you have any special requests and we will try to accommodate!

  • We try to provide salad greens, herbs and cooking greens (chard, kale, etc.) every week.  In addition,
    you can expect to receive broccoli, green beans, snap peas, carrots, beets, potatoes, spring onions,
    summer squash, tomatoes (often not until September), eggplant, peppers, celery root and more.  

  • We welcome donations of home grown lemons, apples and other fruits to share with our members, and hope
    to be able to provide these ourselves as our fruit trees mature in the coming years.
  • All produce is washed (in water with a drop of bleach), dried, trimmed and bundled.  Occasionally we do 
    miss a bug or some dirt or grit.  If you want to be extra sure, we suggest washing a final time yourself 
    before consuming.

Garden Days:

  • One of the many benefits of having produce grown within your community is that you can learn about,
    observe and, if you are interested, participate in the cultivation of your own food.  And you can get to
    know the people who cultivate, harvest and prepare this beautiful bounty for your health and pleasure!
  • We invite members to visit the garden, hang out and help out.  Please arrange times directly with Colette.