Shashi Doni has over 15 Years of Experience in Developing State Of The Art, High Performance Financial Applications

Shashi Doni is a well-seasoned executive and IT architect with expertise in various advanced technologies. Over the course of his tenure, he has developed and delivered a wide range of state of the art, high performance and fault tolerant financial applications. He is a result-oriented professional with focus on team building and management, implementing standards, procedures and processes to improve business functionality. His experience and knowledge has helped his clients drastically enhance development productivity and quality while reducing implementation time.

Shashi Doni possesses in depth knowledge of equity market microstructure, market data, alpha signals, and execution strategies. He is an all-rounder with expertise in hardware, software, networking, system engineering, management and market knowledge. Shashi Doni started his professional career as a team Leader with Bloomberg L.P in 2002, and worked with them till 2006. He led initiative toward breaking down existing monolithic architecture into multi tier architecture. In 2006, Shashi began working with Morgan Stanley as a Senior Associate. There he designed and implemented a framework to apply context specific business validations to loan data. Later, he served as the Vice President of Credit Suisse, Prop IT, High Frequency Trading Group. Through his excellent skills and knowledge, he played a key role in complete redesign of high frequency trading system. In 2008, Shashi became the Vice President of Credit Suisse, Equity IT, AES. In 2010, he joined as the Director at Barclays Capital (Equity IT, Electronic Trading Group) and managed development of next gen messaging for Electronic Trading Products. Later, he also served as the Director at BNP Paribas. He currently runs an IT consulting firm, in addition to his role as Portfolio Manager and CTO at a boutique firm in NYC.

As technologist Shashi Doni is highly proficient in C++11, C, Perl. PL/SQL, JAVA, Python, STL, Boost, ACE, Concurrent Programming, Distributed Systems, Poco, Template Meta Programming, Database Systems, Solace, Tibco, Linux(SuSe, Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS), TCP, UDP, Multicast, LBM, UME.

As front office and portfolio manager Shashi Doni possesses in depth knowldge of market microstructure, market data, order types, order entry protocols, alpha signals, & back test methodologies.

As consultant and CTO Shashi Doni provides expertise in team building and management, budget management, vendor interfacing, product evaluation and adoption.