Enjoy Sha Sha Seafood restaurant, Tangalla, Sri Lanka !




Sha Sha Seafood restaurant proposes fresh seafood of the day

Sha Sha Seafood welcomes you in Tangalla (Tangalle), Sri Lanka, for lunch and dinner every day from august till march included.
Sha Sha Seafood is a beach restaurant with 4 tables where the client is treated like a king or even better, like a rockstar.
Sha Sha Seafood proposes fresh catch of the day : fish, prawns, king prawns, calamari, crab, and even sometimes lobster.
It comes with potatoes and our special "red sauce". It is a cinnamon sauce mixing garlic, ginger, tomato and... cinnamon, obviously.
You will enjoy your meal drinking fresh bottled water or fresh Lion beer.
Call Udara to book or ask what are the fishes of the day.
His cell phone : 0 77 624 86 08