Planning Bio

 Shawan & John

May 17th, 2008 

John and I met on New Years Eve in 2005. I went out with a few of my friends to a club in Raleigh. As fate would have it we ended up in the same corner trying to get away from the crowd and the rest is history. We have been together ever since.

See ladies, you can find true love at the club :)

  The Proposal

John proposed to me on Valentines day, 2007. Earlier in the day, John had surprised me with 2 dozen red roses that were delivered to my job and he also left 2 dozen white and 2 dozen pink roses for me at our apartment. When he arrived home from work that evening he told me that he had one more gift for me. He handed me a Build-a-Bear that was dressed in a black tuxedo and told me to squeeze the bear’s hand. When I squeezed his hand it played a recorded message from John singing “Now I’m on my knees, holding this ring and I’m asking please will you spend your life with me”.John then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him...

 My Rings

                         Engagement Ring                  Wedding band



 Do It Yourself Stuff


Candy Buffet items wrapped and ready to go


Pearl candles I made ~ 30 of these 


Memory Candle


Table Names

-These will be named with words like "Love", "Cherish", "Hope" but the quote under the name will be a line from a song in the wedding that has that particular word in it. I love this idea!


Drink Menu

Inspired by Enjft


Arch for the ceremony


Bridesmaid Gift bags



Escort cards/CD favors







 Menu Card


Take out Boxes


Candy Bar


Cake Topper






Jumping Broom 


Candy Buffet Jars


 DIY aisle runner





Save the date photo magnet 




 My Do it yourself Cardbox



 Signature Mate





My Colors

My Ceremony colors will be pink and white with a touch of black

My Reception color will be all white


Maid of Honor Dress

My 11 year old daughter is going to be my MOH


Junior Bridesmaids Dress


My Dress !!!   



My Shoes

Alisha Hill




Tiara - Ebay Seller


My Earrings

                  Bracelet    ~White Aisle ~                   


I like this hair style


 Garter ~ Ebay Seller~



Day of wear




My Bouquet will be all white 

 Bridesmaids bouquet will be all pink





Unity Candle




 The theme is all white with pearl accents


Inspiration for my DIY centerpiece


Mock up of my DIY Centerpieces-The only difference is that I will be using real flowers and real rose petals



Bed of white rose petals for reception floor entrance

(FH and I will walk through the rose petals when we make our grand entrance)


Table ideas 





                         Cake Topper                   and                  I Do letters for cake table       




CD Favors -Will also serve as place cards

Candy Buffet


Inspiration for my DIY invites




Menu Cards


Place cards and seating chart


I am purchasing an embosser and using it on my napkins, menu cards, programs, and envelops


  The Guys


                                                  John's Tux                                 Guy's boutonniere 


 The Girls

Bridesmaid gift


 I have been collection pictures for quite a while and am not sure where some of these pictures originated at. Please page me on the AAW boards if you would like credit for a picture.