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The Truth is the Light and there is no power higher than truth!"
      Eugene F. Broyls, Sr.    President                               Nancy Dietz, Vice President 

 Disclaimer:  When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power. Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. Those that disagree with Sharp falsely accuse them of "lying".  If for any reason any one finds anything on our site that is incorrect we ask that you inform us by supplying us with the evidence that proves our inaccuracy
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"Read everything, listen to everything but believe nothing until you do your own research"  -- Willam Cooper

When a community fails, the people are made into contented slaves by first controlling their minds and making them thoughtless

We dedicate the Southland's Truth Newsletter to Dr. Helen Burleson of Olympia Fields, a real dedicated advocate in serving and protecting the people's rights - Dr. Burleson will be an irreplaceable. Good Bye "Dear Friend", we will miss you.

 We have dedicated the Truth Newsletter to "our friend" Dr. Helen Burleson a long time Olympia Field’s resident who made the transition on May 17, 2015. We thank her for her many sincere contributions that she made to our publication.  She contributed so much to the communities that we serve. Job well done Helen! Your legacy will be remembered. Thank you Helen may you now Rest in Peace..


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 Focusing Our Spotlight on Government

To Olympia Fields' residents:  "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them."   
  - Frederick Douglass 

Whether Matteson, Country Club Hills, Park Forest or Richton Park voters need to SAVE the campaign promises of those who were elected

Congratulations! -  to all of the winners of the last election. DON'T FORGET YOUR  



Vote For a Brighter Future

On October 24th, over 100 of your neighbors attended the Village Of Olympia Fields board meeting and demanded that our Village Administrator's contract not be renewed. After 11 years of failed promises, falling property values, out of control tax increases, we demanded a change. Our Village President and board of Trustees turned a deaf ear. 

We Deserve Better Leadership & Accountability

Tonight on behalf of homeowners of Olympia Fields, we are here to address our fragile financial state caused by poor village administration;  resulting in failure to deliver on our trust and requirement for high quality Return on Investment through sustainable economic growth.   

 When analytics compare our village to comparable neighboring towns we clearly see that our economic development activity has been merely insituational, instead of strategic and scalable. 

 We are here tonight to ask for your leadership action to intervene to change course while we still can to protect the reputation and economic future of Olympia Fields.


Lack of confidence in village management acting as successful broker of our requirement for delivering high quality economic development opportunity

 Threat to property values due to growing interest in sub prime real estate investments

 Lack of early transparency of contractual obligations from village administration resulting in hampering of duty of thorough board review and timely resident feedback. 

 While other communities are enjoying high end investment such as Whole Foods, dealerships, and technology incubators we endure unwanted cell phone towers, expensive TIF supported big box stores, and the threat of section 8 affordable housing."

 A chorus of individuals came forward with presentations that provided professional and specific analysis of the village budgets and financial's, numerous examples of issues that have resulted lost of trust, misdirection, poor management, backdoor tax increase and examples of how community and property values have not been the highest priority of this administration. 


  Residents are really angry over $300 to $1,500 water bills. The truth is, the cost  of water has doubled but the amount we   are charged has increased greater than  300%. Our Administrator has used our water bills as a back door TAX. Over  $800,000 in water & sewer revenues  are used to subsidize outsiders and a   bloated budget. 


  - Over $600,000 is projected in this year's budget.


  - Has grown from $2 million to $15.7 million in eight short years


  - Exceeds $1.5 million annually 


  - Increased 52% since 2008

See where your money Goes: Click Below


   - Management's Decisions & Analysis and details  

Village Property Values & Tax Rates ratios  on pages 90 and 91"     Click here: Village Financial Reports

Now it's time  that your work begins.  We “TRUST” that you fill the governmental void which was left by the previous public servants and keep your promise to “SERVE” the people.  

Click here: https://media.wix.com/ugd/97e0bf_2365045ec3d642468bbe8ea8c739eb09.pdf


Voters display their extreme unhappiness about high taxes, the hiring of too many “extra” Village employees, lack of businesses and the fact that not one of the  6 figure department administrators lives in this Village.

Slowik: Voters seeking change apparently elect new leadership in Olympia Fields


Slowik: Voters seeking change apparently elect new leadership in Olympia Fields - Daily Southtown


“Olympia Fields has about 5,000 residents, according to Census data. The village has 4,213 registered voters and 1,401 ballots were cast in last week's race for village president, according to the Cook County clerk's office. The turnout of 33.25 percent was among the highest in a Cook County municipal election this year."”

Readers Comment:
VOTERS MUST LEARN - Who do these candidates represent YOU, the People, or the "Political Machine?
Citizens for Howard Robinson 
Friends of Casandra Matz
Friends of Debra Meyers-Martin 

Who benefits from any donations that you give to political organizations?  Do these politicans serve the peole or do they serve themselves?

Olympia Fields, Illinois (IL) Political Contributions by Individuals
What do they request for their donation of these  patricians to do for the residence of this Village?

 None of those transactions are illegal but the movement of the contributions provided secrecy and deniability for all the parties.

Today's Olympia Field's government can learn from the Mayor's words of 1986

The Route To Village President

Olympia Fields Came To Count On Homemaker

March 19, 1986|By Judy Munson.

Olympia Fields  has been placed on the Land Bank List
"In the city, vacant lots are available in Auburn Gresham, Austin, Belmont Cragin, Brighton Park, Calumet Heights, Chatham, Chicago Lawn, Englewood, Garfield Park, Gage Park, Grand Boulevard, Greater Grand Crossing, Hermosa, Humboldt Park, Morgan Park, Roseland, South Shore, Washington Heights, Washington Park, West Englewood, West Pullman and Woodlawn. The suburban communities are Bellwood, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Dixmoor, Matteson, Maywood, Melrose Park, Midlothian, Olympia Fields, Posen, Riverdale and South Holland."      From the Chicago Ttribune
Reader's Comment

This is a good article for redistribution and support on SHARP's website. The state of Illinois and Cook County, in particular are the biggest culprit of this gerrymandering, corruption and racketeering practice. This is a well timed and critical grass root organizational effort needed to put the people's power back into politics.    Click here: Let’s Make Washington Work for Us 


Sharps FOIA reveals more information of the "stolen"  $40,000 in 2011

The news headline read:  Audit finds $40K was stolen in Olympia Fields, Southtown Star December 12, 2011 By Casey Toner, today the people remain without answers.  WHY WASN’T The right SUBJECT ARRESTED AND CHARGED? A SPECIAL AUDIT HAS DISCOVERED THAT A POLICE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE IN OLYMPIA FIELDS STOLE ABOUT $40,000 IN TICKET PAYMENTS DURING THE PAST FOUR YEARS, ACCORDING TO DAVID MEKARSKI.

We demanded the facts from Mr. Mekarski via a FOIA regarding him firiing the wrong person! 

 To read entire results go to:

Send your complaints to Village Adminstrator and Board Member   David Mekarski for this action 


Matteson building dozens of homes for lease as a part of the "MHA" rental/lease program  See for Yourself at Vollmer and Cicero!

The South Suburban Land Bank and Development Authority (SSLBDA) was formed in 2012 with an intergovernmental agreement passed by the Village of Park Forest, City of Oak Forest and City of Blue Island. The land bank was made possible by a HUD Sustainable Communities Grant awarded to the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association in 2011The South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association (SSMMA) helped establish and provide technical assistance for the SSLBDA. Current members of the SSLBDA include Blue Island, Oak Forest, Park Forest, Richton Park, Sauk Village, Midlothian, Hazel Crest, Phoenix, Summit, Dolton, Joliet, Steger, Chicago Heights, and Ford Heights.

Board of Directors: 
Compare the cities that the Land Bank  Board of Directors represent  in the list below:. Notice neither Homewood nor Flossmoor are  listed and neither should Olympia Fields!

Mark Miller, Chair City of Blue Island
Hildy Kingma, Secretary/Treasurer Village of Park Forest
Kristi DeLaurentiis​, Board Member South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association
Calvin Holmes, Board Member Chicago Community Loan Fund
Dan Klaff, Board Member Applegate, Thorne-Thomsen
Robin Snyderman, Board Member Brick Partners, LLC
Mayor Richard Reinbold, Board Member Village of Richton Park
Mayor David Hanks, Board Member Village of Sauk Village
Trustee Donald Killelea, Board Member Village of Midlothian
Mayor Vernard Alsberry, Jr., Board MemberVillage of Hazel Crest
Keith Freeman, Board Member Village of Phoenix
Mayor Riley Rogers, Board Member Village of Dolton
Alfredo Melesio, Board Member, City of Joliet
Alice Peterson, Board Member, Village of Steger
Jack Hynes, Board Member, City of Chicago Heights
Mayor Charles Griffin, Board Member, Village of Ford Heights 
Travis Bandstra, Board Member, Village of Lansing
David Mekarski, Board Member​, Village of Olympia Fields
LaVern Murphy, Board Member, Village of Matteson
Mayor Eugene Williams, Board Member, Village of Lynwood

Parts of the Southland were harder hit by job losses and widespread mortgage foreclosures. After the housing market collapse, southern Cook County had the highest foreclosure rate in Illinois; some communities could not even keep up with maintenance and code enforcement on abandoned homes. Many commercial properties are still vacant today.

Forty-two cities and villages in the Southland participate in a regional organization, the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA), through which they work cooperatively on the region’s pressing issues – economic development, transportation, land use, infrastructure, public safety, housing and more. By the mid-2000s, SSMMA realized that poor broadband infrastructure was a limiting factor in the Southland, discouraging institutions and businesses from locating or expanding there… Please click here to read Masha Zager’s full story in Broadband Communities Magazine

 Readers Comment" 

2006 omen exposed the problems faced in the Village today
 The following comment was made years ago  by  Sharpwatch President Eugene Broyls, Sr.
 "Until my last dying day, they can't shut my mouth," he said. "What we've seen is a ... more laissez-faire, laid-back attitude from the village. There are things I'm seeing that I'm not happy with. Olympia Fields needs a coat of paint." He said he thinks Mayor Linzey Jones should be the first to grab a roller." As the government spends, the conditions in Olympia Fields continue to decline! - to read entire article: CLICK HERE: PAGE 2 - SHARPWATCHSITE  
Is this an example of a Land Bank Development Company?

Matteson official: Firm's bankruptcy filing won't affect mall plans 

 Plans for redeveloping the shuttered Lincoln Mall shouldn't be affected by the bankruptcy filing of a company developing the proposal, a Matteson official said. (Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune) 4/13/17

Mike Nolan March 31, 2017Daily Southtown

In an April 2015 news release, James "Mack" McClelland, Mack Industries' CEO, cited Lincoln Mall as an example of how a mixed-use development could be tailored to fit a community's demographics in redeveloping a moribund mall. The company got its start buying, rehabbing then renting foreclosed single-family homes in the south suburbs, then expanded into residential construction as well as commercial development. Formerly Mack Cos., the firm outgrew its offices on Oak Park Avenue in Tinley Park, later moving to a larger facility at Oak Park Avenue and Centennial Drive.  Whatever Mack presents to Matteson officials will face scrutiny, with the Village Board leaning toward a proposal that mixes both residential and retail uses.In the bankruptcy filing, Mack Industries lists its biggest unsecured creditor, with a claim of $4 million, as Arizona-based American Residential Leasing. The filing notes that both companies are involved in a lawsuit in state court for alleged breach of contract, but that the amount of money involved is "undetermined and disputed" by Mack. 

Demolition of Matteson’s Lincoln Mall ordered

 March 17, 2017

A court-ordered demolition of the shuttered Lincoln Mall in Matteson could begin as soon as next month, setting the stage for a redevelopment of the 48-acre property, village officials said.

The village and the mall’s court-appointed receiver Collateral Trustee, which is managing the demolition, will return to court March 31 to present final demolition estimates to the judge, Village Administrator Brian Mitchell said.

"If the court approves, our timeline for demolition is slated to commence by mid-April with a July completion," he said.

Cook County Circuit Judge Tom Condon ordered the immediate demolition of the mall on Feb. 3, an action the village had sought. The cost of demolition, which will be paid solely out of Matteson’s tax increment financing funds, is expected to come in around $3.5 million, Mitchell said. The village board already has passed a resolution authorizing up to $3.5 million in TIF funds to purchase receiver’s certificates to finance demolition.To read entire story  go to the following site:  Demolition of Matteson’s Lincoln Mall ordered - Reviews-and-news.com

  • Dying shopping malls are wreaking havoc on suburban America    

                                                                                                         Hayley Peterson Mar. 5, 2017, 7:30 AM

"The communities wither away, and they never come back," said Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates, a national retail consulting and investment banking firm headquartered in New York City.

When anchor stores are boarded up, traffic to the retailers in the middle sections of malls tends to decrease. That has been happening at shopping malls nationwide, and now  many retailers are going out of business and closing their stores as a result.

Dying shopping malls are wreaking havoc on suburban America - Business Insider

Victims of Wal Mart grow as more and more stores are closing and more people are out of work!

Central Grocers will close ALL Ultra Foods stores, sell 22 Strack & Van Til sites

                                                                           Chicago Tribune April 19, 2017

Central Grocers, the Joliet-based parent company of Strack & Van Til and Ultra Foods grocery stores, is closing nine Ultra Foods stores, including some in the Chicago area, and intends to sell 22 Strack & Van Til stores in Illinois and Indiana, the company announced Tuesday.

The nine "underperforming" Ultra Foods stores include locations in Wheaton, Lansing, Joliet, Chicago Heights, Calumet Park and Forest Park. Central Grocers, a grocery cooperative incorporated in 1917, operates as a wholesaler to independent grocery retailers in the Chicago area that are members of the co-op.  Central Grocers will close 9 Ultra Foods stores, sell 22 Strack & Van Til sites - Chicago Tribune

Reader's Comment

Here a message for those candidates running for office in our communities - If there is going to be economic development it is not going to be in Olympia Fields or Matteson!


PHOTOS: Inside the abandoned Lincoln Mall in Matteson, 2 years after it closed

PHOTOS: Inside the abandoned Lincoln Mall in Matteson, 2 years after it closed | WGN-TV

2 Videos of Lincoln Mall Matteson Illinois

Lincoln Mall Matteson Illinois - YouTube



What role did, then Matteson Administrator David Mekarski participate in the

 destruction of Lincoln Mall?

Why has Matteson refused to demolish the dangerous and  "dilapidated"Lincoln Mall!

Why are Matteson tax payers still paying for a Mall that the Village Administration allegedly created?

January 18, 2015  Chicago Tribune

Matteson officials said the mall's owner still owed more than $10 million in unpaid fines and taxes.

The village, which is working with Chicago-based brokerage JLL to find a buyer for the site, said in the statement that its "stable and affluent population" should help it attract and retain retail development despite competitive challenges. An April economic development plan also identified possible industrial or multifamily development options.

Matteson officials are considering proposals for redeveloping the property. One envisions a mixed-use development including high-end apartments, senior housing, retail and entertainment such as a movie theater, said Larry Kilduff, a senior vice president at JLL, which is working with the village. To read more: 

 Lincoln Mall closes after 41 years - Chicago Tribune.. 

Here is an example of Administrator's job  and why Olympia Fields is paying way to much!:  

Tinley Park hires new Village Administrator



Readers Comment:   

The loss of ethics is today's polliticians

Main Street: Hold elected officials, leaders accountable

Feb 28, 2017 by Ed Platt Daily Journal

     "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."..  If power is the ability to influence and make others do what they normally would not do on their own, then how can we as ethical leaders lead others in the right direction?
Reader's Comment:
Read this information for yourself:  For more specific  information regarding the Olympia Field's  sewer project:    Click here: Real Cost of Sewers

Reader's Comment:
To the Olympia Field's Administrator:
"Retail Redlining" non-existent in city across the street from our Village?

Reader's Comment:

Overpaid and under worked  employees in Olympia Fields didn't get exorbitant raises before Linzey Jones because:
( 1 )   the workload and volume of work in a very small village doesn't warrant it
( 2 )   before Linzey Jones gratuitous referendum, the annual property tax revenue was appx. $700,000 to $800,000. It is now, according to some over $3,000,000
For Example:
, James Landini started in Olympia Fields in Dec. 2014, that's 26 months ago. "People in this town is living in a bubble".

Reader's Comment:
Community Message: Focus Group Meeting
This is really pathetic that our village administration would define something as trivial as an un-licence village logo, as an urgent police issue that needed to be sent out via NIXLE.. This administration has proven that they believe it is more important to utilize a police notification system with petty BS like this and "coffees with the mayor" than using the system to inform residents of home invasions and burglaries (I've got the police report to back it up)      

The "Party" brings out their BIG GUNS for the swearing in of Matz as trustee.
 Why? This has never been done before!
In reviewing Monday night's meeting, it was discovered that it was all a show!  All the legislatures  Sen. Michael Hastings, Sen. Toi Hutchinson, Rep. Rep. Al Riley, and Rep. Anthony DeLuca spoke on behalf of Cassandra Matz who is a loyal employee to Senator Hastings. She was sworn into office (by someone other than Lindsey Jones)...Judge D'Rene Jackson.

Reader's Comment:
To:Olympia Fields Administrator:
The alleged "Retail Redlining" non-existent in city across the street?
New Vollmer Road proposal includes Starbucks, A T  & T store - HF Chronicle
Matteson'S Bonds rated as "JUNK'! 
  which POORLY MANAGED citY WILL BE next?

Two Chicago suburbs lose their credit ratings

February 03, 2015
Moody's Investors Service yesterday withdrew the village of Matteson's credit ratings....

Moody's said it was unable to learn how Matteson officials plan to cope with increased pension contributions in fiscal 2017. Village officials also failed to explain how they plan to handle a "significant" increase in annual payments on $25.3 million in general obligation limited tax debt, according to Moody's, which had rated those bonds at B3, well below investment grade.

Matteson also has $22.0 million of general obligation unlimited tax debt, backed by a dedicated property tax levy. Its B1 rating also was withdrawn.

Readers Comment:
Regarding Matteson, Take a look at Village of Matteson's salary, for police and fire and personnel unbelievable. With no new business in matteson, 2014 / 2015 Budget Posted. What a joke.

 When will this government require RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL EMPLOYEES?

Has  governmental mismanagement destroyed this Village? Let the following facts speak for themselves:
A  list of 93 homes, and growing,  are  for sale in Olympia Fields.
Over 50 of Olympia Fields Homes are in foreclosure.
 Foreclosures (7),  HUD (2),  $100 Down (1),  Preforeclosures (56) Bankruptcies (41) Tax-Liens (44) Sheriff Sales (11) Short Sale (5)

                                   THE FLORIDA ETHIC'S COMMITTEE WAS RIGHT!
Readers Comments: Deja Vu Does this sound familiar? The equation is clear: Matteson + Vero Beach + Olympia Fields = "Poor Decisions"

Councilmember’s Items
B) Vero Beach City Councilmember Mary Beth McDonald (message forewarned the voters of Olympia Fields)

                        1. City Manager’s Expenditures
Mrs. McDonald wanted to speak publicly about some expenditures made in the City Manager’s office…. There were three items that she wanted to address tonight. They are the department head raises, the cost for consultants and the cost for lobbyist. She said that two weeks ago this Council approved a $10 million dollar loan to cover the City’s operating expenses and then they received a memo a few days ago that without Council’s knowledge or approval, Mr. Mekarski approved raises that ranged between $15,000 – $20,000 in some cases. She was not addressing whether or not these raises were deserved, but what she is addressing is the fact that this was done without Council’s approval or knowledge. She expressed that this was a considerable amount of money and this City has never been in this type of financial bind that they are in now. She feels that Mr. Mekarski has overstepped his authority in approving these raises and not sharing this information with Council

Quick Facts
Manteno village, Illinois

Click here: Manteno village, Illinois

Olympia Fields Illinois

Search Results

Manteno trustees ponder hiring village administrator

Hiring an administrator would not come cheap, however. Anderson said the village would likely have to pay a salary of between $50,000 and $60,000.

Manteno trustees ponder hiring village administrator | Local News | daily-journal.com

 In Manteno you could potentially make an average income of around $95,905 after several years on the job with increased wages.

 Click here: Chief Of Police Salary in Manteno, IL - Salary Genius

                                                     Property tax rates still highest in Southland as property values decline

Phil Kadner Southtown News

“.. property tax rates increase inversely to property rate, meaning the lower the property values in a community, the larger percentage of property taxes a homeowner or business pays.  Tax rates are calculated by dividing the amount of money each taxing agency or district requested in their levy (the total amount of money) by the total taxable  value of property within each district. That is why  Chicago with its large commercial and industrial base pays the lowest property tax rate in Cook County at 6.8%. What that also means is that businesses in communities in the greatest need of economic development, like Ford Heights and Park Forest, actually have an incentive to disinvest. They can pull up stakes and relocate to more affluent suburbs in Cook County, or in Indiana, to communities with more expendable income and get a lower property tax rate..." "..., property taxes allow wealthy communities to raise more money for their schools in Illinois. Although the state helps out poorer communities with large subsidies, lower-middle class communities have neither the access to property wealth, nor large state grants. The system exists, as it is, because it benefits the politicians in charge of the process. It's unfair and they know it. After 30 years of my hammering away at the issue, Republicans and Democrats finally admit Illinois has the worst property tax burden in the nation. I guess that's some sort of progress.” 

Click here: Property tax rates still highest in Southland, although property values decline - Daily Southtown

Reader's Comment:

What's  sad is it took Olympia Fields 11 years to catch on!!!

Reader's Comment:
No "red inning" excuses  for Olympia Fields as Administrators home town as Flossmoor plans to build a new restaurant in his town 

Readers Comment:
Good afternoon, in response to our conversation I again want to say thanks.  No one of us comes to a destination without a truth teller. You and the Sharp Members are our home grown truth squad in spite of your perceived years of longevity you will live beyond your chronological age. 

If you observe a code violation click on the following link and then send.  If you want remain anonymous but you have permission to write in the name Sharp; address 3432 Ithaca Rd; Phone 1-708-2658. Click here: Cognito Forms 

Reader's Comment:
"We look more and more like amateurs when it comes to economic development"

I feel it inappropriate to use the word "we" for it is David Mekarski  ( the $160,000 Administrator + perks) according to former Mayor Jones who was to bring new businesses and economic development  to Olympia Fields in 2005.  Instead  Mekarski brought a "General Dollar"  to the village and has sadly given Olympia Fields a bad name for businesses by incorrectly labeling it as a city where (Blacks) people fail not tip.  He was obviously fabricating his version for he had stated he had allegedly received this information from ONE business owner.  You cannot have a valid reply  or poll when only using one person as the source of his conclusion.
My own opinion of Mekarski is that he has unfortunately displayed his whiteness in making this unsupported statement, he failed to reside in Olympia Fields, and he also has displayed his own incompetence (and once again of using  "bad judgement") in publishing this false news to be aired to the entire world.
The people of Olympia Fields must accept some the blame for allowing this obviously incompetent administrator Mekarski to get way with these acts of poor judgment for 11 years.

Olympia Fields a Long History of Mismanagement
The following presentation will provide professional and specific analysis of the village budgets revealing unnecessary management deficiencies resulting in unprecedented risk and the immediate need for an executive closed session to discuss change of course and non-renewal of contract of chief personnel responsible for village administration.
Please print following pdf or copy the link and distribute to all your friends and neighbors. Click on link:  CASE OF MISMANAGEMENT

Reader's Comment:

It's official, the village is screwed with the Walmart deal. By the time the village starts making money off of  Walmart, we'll all be pushing up daises.



Latest post from the Village Government, dated September 30,  is a unforgivable error when calling Olympia Fields the "Jewel of the South Suburbs". when was it was compared with Homewod-Flossmoor.  This government  has now intentionally omitted comparing this Village with the successful cities  but  compares O..F withCalumet Park, Chicago Heights, Markham, Sauk Village, University Park, etc. (NOTE: Why not include Ford Heights?)  Olympia Fields government has once again demonstrated poor judgment with their out of control spending. Their inappropriate actions have now caused our city which was once a "Jewel "by a University of Chicago professor, into a "lump of "Coal".

Reader's Comment:

Here is a  very good reason for every resident  to attend the Trustee Meetings to protest the possible planned  drug rehab treatment center at the former Tolentine Monastery, which is now in foreclosure, to continue unobstructed with their plans to erect "voucher' housing" and to allow  more "group" homes in Olympia Fields, the image of this Village will be damaged beyond recovery!

The multiple  “Group Homes” in Olympia Fields need to be investigated after viewing the irrational patient's behavior

Group home provider's license is pulled over 'imminent risk' to residents 

October 30, 2016 Chicago Tribune

The Illinois Department of Human Services has revoked the license of a group home provider that was spotlighted in a Chicago Tribune investigation this month, citing the state-funded business for safety problems and "willfully violating the rights of individuals" with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Because of the "imminent risk" to those individuals and repeated failures to correct problems, Human Services chief licensing official Felicia Stanton Gray told Reuben Goodwin Sr. on Monday that she was revoking the license for his eight group homes and daytime training program, all of which have operated under the name Disability Services of Illinois since earlier this year.

Click here: Group home provider's license is pulled over 'imminent risk' to residents - Chicago Tribune

Reader's Comment:
 General Fund drained?
12-8-2014 minutes
The Village has already incurred some costs in that TIF*. They tore down some buildings in that area. They paid for the services of Teska Associates to help create the TIF. The Village paid for legal fees and for some of the engineering services. Those costs are all TIF reimbursable costs that the Village has essentially fronted from the Village’s General Fund.
The TIF can pay the Village back for those once we have TIF Revenues to do that. The first take on payment out of the TIF will be to the Village to reimburse it for some of the costs that it has already incurred. In the first couple of years they will make sure that the Village gets paid back for the money it already expended.
After that there will be a sharing of TIF Revenue significantly in favor of Wal-Mart to the tune of about 90% going to Wal-Mart, and 10% going back to the Village until we have reimbursed them for all of their TIF eligible expenses. It is outlined in the Agreement. There is a cap on it in the Redevelopment Agreement.
*What is a TIF Progam?  Click here: TIF Illinois

If they lost 50% of the $700,000 = $350,000 plus cost of 2 full time officers   = $150,000 That a $500,000 loss leaving them only  $200,000 in sales tax revenue.The village may be making more revenue from Walgreens.

The Walmart lawyers played Mekarski like a fiddle

 Reader's Comments:      


Just what exactly was the total cost of infrastructure and demolition for the Wal mart construction?
Also, why is everyone overlooking the white elephant in this picture ?
Wal mart walked away from an outstanding location at 191st & Harlem near I-80, when Tinley Park refused to cut them the breaks they wanted.
Why then would they build this cramped, unwelcoming store in a blighted, high crime, lower traffic, lower socioeconomic location if they couldn't get the same breaks ?
The reason Homewood accepted the Wal mart move  was because Wal Mart had purchased the  closed K Mart building and threatened to allow it to remain vacant if the Homewood government did not give them the OK for the  move!
Just what exactly are the stipulations and net totals of Wal marts:
(1) Olympia Fields Property Tax ?
(2) Olympia Fields Sales Tax ?
We know now that Olympia Fields is providing part of the cost of security with 2 full time officers at a starting salary appx. $55,000 each. Throw in benefits and insurance and your looking at  $150,000 plus annually.
Never forget that Mekarski was one of the architects of the disastrous Lincoln Mall Contract.
Only a person that was mentally challenged or just woke up from a 30 year coma would believe Mekarski negotiated the better side of the Wal mart contract.
Obviously he didn't ! OR THEY WOULDN'T BE BROKE NOW 

STOP -Olympia Fields is wasting our tax dollars to give themselves big raises and to create new unnecessary positions for their friends

Here's what a government does when they receive additional taxes.  The more tax money that the people  pay to any governments, the more these "parasites" use  for personal satisfactions, not the false promises to the people.

Reader's Comment:

Your information tells us a lot

Reader's Comment:

Dear Olympia Fields Family,
It is generally hard to secure the horses by closing the barn door after the horses and gotten out.  
Below is the SHARP newsletter that I have shared with you before. 
Please read it, share it with your friends and neighbors, and respond accordingly.  SHARP has tried and tried to inform us in the past of various items and issues that would negatively effect Olympia Fields residents.  However, time and time again we have turned death ears to what SHARP and Mr. Broyls had to say..... Only to watch his predictions become a reality
Will we also turn death ears to what he is sharing now?  If we do,  "SHAME ON US."
I realize the meeting that he is speaking of has past ... but the situation HAS NOT.  Come out to the meetings, voice your educated opinion, get out the vote and FIGHT TO MAINTAIN/ REGAIN OUR COMMUNITY.

Reader's Comment: 

NOTICE is hereby given that the Village President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Olympia Fields will hold a Special Work Session Meeting on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

The agenda is as follows:
1. Roll Call
2. Discussion Only: Review Of Advanced Recovery Systems Proposed Project
(Adaptive Reuse of Tolentine Monastery (All Nation Assembly)
4. Adjournment

Advanced Recovery Systems | Advanced Approach to Care

Find a rehab center to treat your drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorder, or mental illness. Connect us and get help for your addiction.

Reader's Comments:
Higher taxes hurt business development.  Businesses must be preparing for the sales tax increase as you can see more and more stores  moving out of the complex on Vollmer next to Baskin Robbins. Stop the flight of businesses. 

Were you also aware that they want to put a resolution on the Ballot this November for a Municipal Retail Sales Tax ?
Higher sales taxes always drive shoppers to surrounding villages & counties.
I am voting NO ! Until they so much as make an attempt to reduce spending, they don't deserve another penny !
With the new "Assistant Finance Director" position and the 2 new police positions for Walmart, and the alleged pay enhancement for Mekarski's assistant, they are blatantly spending at will. 

Resolution #2016-12: A Resolution Providing For And Requiring
The Submission Of A Public Question Regarding The Authorization Of The
President And Board Of Trustees Of The Village Of Olympia Fields, Cook County,
Illinois, To Impose A Municipal Retailers’ Occupation Tax And A Municipal
Service Occupation Tax In The Village Of Olympia Fields To The Voters Of The
Village Of Olympia Fields At The General Election To Be Held On The 8th Day Of

Reader's Comment:
Places like Bizio’s are exempt from the 1% sales tax increase.  Food is not subject to the tax, so Bizio’s will not be impacted.

Readers Comment:

Olympia Fields wastes tax dollars by creating "high wage" unnecessary positions during these very poor economic times. This is SICK!

8/20/16 Were you aware Cynthia Saenz now has 2 assistants. One of which has a whopping new salary almost 6 figures.

Director of Finance and Administration Finance $116,578.26
Assistant Finance Director Finance                      $97,000.00
Finance Assistant/Webmaster Finance                $49,759.03



Olympia Fields first created the office of Village Adminstrator in August 1997. Prior to this date, this Village, because of its small size and limted responsibilities had no such "full time" position. The Village hired its first Adminstrator Mary Clumpner, a Homewood resident,  in 1998. Her salary range was reported be in the $45,000 to $60,000 range. Less then  20 years later the salary has tripled?

Click here: page1 - sharpolympiafields2

David Mekarski must go!

The Voters must STOP Mekarski's "POOR JUDGEMENT" as stated by the Florida Ethic's Committee before he completely destroys this Village
It was reported that David Mekarski left Matteson in deep debt  with his Lincoln Mall scheme. He was then hired by Vero Beach Florida to work as Administrator where he eventually was forced  to resign as he left Vero Beach in financial disarray and a very divided city.  The Florida Ethic's Committee found him guilty of using "poor judgement".  Today, he continues to use his "poor judgment  by mismanaging Olympia Fields. How much more of this will the voters accept?
When he was the Matteson Village Administrator he allegedly lent the Mall $10,000,000 to remolded the Lincoln Mall facility. It was never done and today the  Tax Payers continue to pay for his poor judgement and are reminded daily as they view a horrific "ghetto like" eye sore Mall.
 David Mekarski then went to Vero Beach,FL to become administrator. After a hurricane he gave governmental funds, from a loan, to his allies and for the repair of his  home while disregarding those who weren't on his "A list".
The Mayor of Vero Beach called for his resignation but the damage was done and once again the city was divided and millions were lost.
Former President Linzey Jones, more likely then not, intentionally introduced David Mekarski to the Trustees as coming from Matteson, while in fact, he probably was very aware that Mekarski was forced out of  Vero Beach.
 Mr. Merkarski  is one of the highest paid Village Administrators in the area which includes a ridiculously high and outrageous  separation package. He has always lived in  Flossmoor when he was hired by Olympia Fields. Yet, the government gave him  a village car with expenses for personal use, they pay all for his professional affiliations, health insurance, retirement, etc. all from "your/our" tax dollars.  He has absolutely no allegiance to Olympia Fields,  Each year he continues to make questionable staff and financial decisions and each year the loyal and obedient  Trustees give him raises requiring more of our  tax dollars.  We have been duped into paying for his mistakes. He has maneuvered the Trustees into  approving his  decisions, that the Florida Ethics Committees judged were "poor decisions".
The following fiasco is an example of  a major problem of  "poor decisions" by Mekarski.  When a Public Works employee claimed that he  ran over a screw in the Pubic Works Yard, he wanted a new set of tires.   Instead of patching the tire, as you and I would normally do, Mekarski wanted to buy  him 4 brand new tires. 
We want answers!!! Did any of the  Public Works trucks experience flat tires? Did any of the other Public Works workers experience fat tires? Did any of the visitors to Public Works experience flat tires?  Did this worker even run over this "screw" which punctured tire in the Public Works parking lot or was this another "poor decision"" by Mekarski?
We agree with council member Musto of Vero Beach when he stated that people would find the actions of Mekarski "troublesome". We feel that this is an understatement!

Vote "No" Confidence for David Mekarski
Reader's Comment
"Mekarski slipped this unethical item into the “Bills for Approval”. If it was damaged from a small screw, and the tire  still had thread, it could be safely patched. This is bullsh@t !\
Village President Meyers-Martin stated that you have before you Bills for Approval in the amount of $126,465.47. There is a Cover Memo in the Board Packet designating the more significant payouts.
Trustee Byrd stated that he had a question under “Public Works” for a payout of $550.00 for Ira Williams.
It is a reimbursement. Administrator Mekarski stated that was associated with some flat tires that Ira received. We believe that it may have been from debris in the Public Works Lot. He had to buy four-tires because of the inability of just simply replacing a single tire and throwing off the balance. We went ahead and split the difference and gave him the price for two-tires. That was investigated by the Public Works Director and approved by Administrator Mekarski’s office."

Reader's Comments:
 September 23, 2106 


President and Chief Executive Officer, Anne R. Pramaggiore


10 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, Illinois 60680

Re: Regarding a phone call 630-576-6604 received this date involving safety question regarding fires caused by Smart Meters

 Dear CEO Pramaggiore:  To read their reply click on the following link:       News 4

         .                                   Refuse A Com Ed ‘Smart’ Meter, Get Socked With A Monthly Fee « CBS Chicago

Loyal politico,  Beverly Sokol, and any others make unsupported statements,
When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power. Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. Those that disagree with Sharp falsely accuse them of "lying".  
If for any reason any one finds anything on our site that is incorrect we ask that you inform us by supplying us with the evidence that proves our inaccuracy.   We do not have a AAA Bond rating! There was no information available to all, as one Trustee's said that they knew nothing more then what President Jones told them about Mekarski.  It was suggested that Mekarski was a part of the conspiracy that gave millions to the original Lincoln Mall developers who went bankrupt and left the Matteson taxpayers owing repayment to this day.  I suggest  that Mrs. Sokol read the following official facts posted in the May 17, 2005 official Vero Beach Council Minutes  and correct All of her inaccuracies by telling the TRUTH!proves our inaccuracy 

Read Vero Beach evidence which supports the above by going to: Click here: www.sharpwatcholympiafields.com/downloads/VeroBeachMinutes5-17-2005.pdf

With poor references from his last jobs why did this Village hire Mekarski?

Exerts from the Vero Beach Council Meeting

"Mr. Solari felt that so far the discussion has been somewhat one sided. He said he has only been on the job for two months but knows enough to ask a number of questions. He went over the things that he felt the public hearing should address. He said that there are simple questions concerning money. He said after four requests from the Finance Department that the City Manager has still not paid the bill in the amount of $1,700 to the City. He asked if the City Manager has paid for the tire that was put on his car at the City's expense. He asked why the checks for the purchase of 26 generators and an additional number of checks to repay the City for other amounts due the City, perhaps totaling the amount of some $10,000 were not deposited in a timely manner. In fact not deposited for some four months after they should have been deposited and after hurricane expenses became a public issue.


According to Mr. Musto's report the fact the checks were not deposited until after questions were being publicly raised with regards to expenditures is troublesome. He would suggest that some people would find "troublesome" an understatement.


Mr. Solari brought up the question about alcohol at City facilities. Mr. Musto notes that in a conversation with the City Auditor, Mr. Cothermann, alcohol had been consumed at City facilities. It has been alleged that in Mr. Musto's reports that the City Manager consumed alcohol at the City's Police Department and there were wine and cheese parties at City Hall. Also, beer was bought and consumed at City facilities.


It is unfortunate that "the City Manager declined to answer certain questions regarding this subject." It is very clear that the City Manager is order to reward City workers and the majority of the cases it is clear that the rewards are justified. There are questions about his ability to discipline employees when warranted.


There was a department head who had a car accident and a police investigation found that the employee violated City policy when he failed to report the accident to Mr. Mekarski. Then the employee violated City and State policy to not report the vehicle accident to law enforcement and to Risk Management as required. He read what the City policy states on this. The department head violated this article, as well as intentionally entering a date on the supervisor incident report that was not the date of the incident. Perhaps the worse violation was that he knowingly allowed an employee to enter a date on the supervisory report that was not the date it was actually signed and submitted.


Finally, the department head was found to be encouraging employee misbehavior when he allowed the employee to falsify the report. When discussing this with City department heads most felt that these violations should result in the employee's termination or at a minimum some sort of suspension. One department head noted that the employee could not be trusted again, so he would have to be terminated. All the City Manager found that was warranted was a slap on the wrist and he wrote the department head that he was warned that in the future he was to follow all City policies, State laws, and report accidents.


More recently a Police Department recommendation for discipline of an officer came before the City Manager. The department's recommendation for discipline was ignored by the City Manager. It appears that City tax dollars are being used to buy City employee's support, but is unable to discipline any employee for fear of losing this support. Another issue is politicizing the City.


Mr. Musto reported comments that Mr. Mekarski requested City employees to wear buttons indicating support for him and to attend meetings to voice or demonstrate such report (he read excerpts from the report). The City Manager declined to answer any questions relating to this area.


 Mr. Solari personally found it very problematic that of the 26 generators purchased, Mr. Musto's report notes that 10 of those were listed to the T&D department. When he visited that department every employee he saw was wearing a Mekarski button. When he recently attended a meeting with another large group of employees where there were no reports of generators being purchased, he saw no Mekarski buttons.


Additionally, he finds it problematic when the Police Department recommended that an employee be disciplined, but the City Manager declined to do that, shortly thereafter the employee spoke on the City Manager's behalf at a Council meeting. There have been reports that the shirt with employee's signatures on it (found hanging in the City Manager's office) was passed around to employees in the City during working hours and that some employees were pressured to sign it. He asked Mr. Mekarski if he felt that this was a proper use of City resources.


Again, City employees have every right to support the City Manager. His questions are questions of propriety for the City Manager. The City has been politicized in a way that he has not seen in the 25 years that he has lived here and this has damaged the City. There are many areas that arise in abuse of the City Manager's authority of our system. He questioned what was the basis for the City Manager to have a Resolution passed by City Council to appoint special Counsel to investigate a City Council ,member. He then brought up the ethics complaint filed in Tallahassee against the Mayor and the complaint filed with the State Attorney's office. He had some first hand knowledge with the complaint in the State Attorney's office when less than two weeks after have been sworn in as a Council member he was served with his first subpoena. Based on the questions he was asked by the State Attorney the complaint was baseless. He asked who brought this complaint and was told it was David Mekarski. He said that his trust in the City Manager was shattered. This forms the basis for why he believes there are irreconcilable differences between himself and the City Manager."

Readers Comment
         Flossmoor resident O.F. Administrator David Mekarski is proposing a tax hike and the building of public housing 

When David Mekarski was forced to resign from his administrative job in Vero Beach Florida, he returned and bought a home  in Flossmoor.  If he is so keen in planning affordable  housing be built, I suggest that he approach the Flossmoor government with his proposal and request that they erect such a project in his back yard, next to his home.
Readers Comment 
I am not surprised, in fact this is what I expected. Another yes man with a South Side Democratic connection, living on an appointed government salary, a perfect fit with "scumbag" Mekarski.  
Meet Mekarski’s next “hand picked yes man”  Robin Kelly Constituent…ENOUGH SAID ????
SEPTEMBER 26, 2016
7:00 PM
Reader's Comment:
Redevelopment Expenditures and authorize the Village Administrator David Mekarski and Staff and agents thereof to negotiate on behalf of the interests of the Village of Matteson Board of Trustees a redevelopment agreement designed to induce redevelopment of the Lincoln Mall site and protect the fiduciary interests of the Village.
More data regarding David Mekarski
Mekarski left Matteson in trouble, he left Vero Beach Fl. in trouble and now  he is focusing "his poor judgement" upon Olympia Fields:  Comment states that Kingma and Merkarski  were party to the Lincoln Mall debacle
 Reader's Comment

The Olympia Field's Government and residents need to read and understand the contents of this message regarding the  plight of some O.F. residents prior to raising taxes   'I was surprised to learn there are a number of families right here in Olympia Fields that have used the services (from Respond Now) .


How millions of dollars did Wal-Mart  cost  the Village of Olympia Fields?

Walmart is quietly going on a massive building spree 

“Looking to Walmart to be a responsible company is a dead end. The real responsibility lies with us 

almart is quietly going on a massive building spree | Grist     

What do you really know about Wal Mart? 23 Scary Wal Mart Facts:

Sit back and watch all the lemming drink the Kool Aid in the upcoming months. (until May 2017 when Mekarski's contract is up)

Typically the seller or the municipality has to clear the property before the potential buyer will even consider purchasing the parcel. And even after the property is cleared, they still have to negotiate a deal revolving around the purchasing price, incentives, and tax breaks.

Meyers-Martin and Mekarski are full of crap when they said on the record that they have already worked a sales & property tax agreement with Walmart, that's not costing the village  anything. 

Demolition is BIG BUCKS, and I wouldn't be surprised if Olympia Fields footing the bill.

 From: Leelangon@comcast.net

Date: July 9, 2016 at 7:06:05 PM CDT 

Hello Presidents, 

We have a very important meeting on Monday July 11, 2016 at 7 p.m. Please plan to attend and share this with your residents. At this meeting the Board of Trustees will vote on the proposed Cell Tower for Western Ave. I might add most of the residents of Olympia Fields are staunchly against this proposal. In addition, the Village President wants to replace Trustee Shirley Nale who resigned last week without public input or a call for applicants to fill her position. Please reach out to your Trustee to vote NO on this non-inclusive process. In addition, in a highly irregular move, Village Manager David Mekarski has inserted the Executive Session of the meeting in the middle of the agenda. It's usually at the end. Could it be he's hoping people will just leave and go home and not hear any opposition to the Cell Tower. Our Administration has used our tax dollars to hire consultants and lawyers to do their instructed bidding, instead of the bidding of the residents who are against this project. The Cell Tower proposal as well as the Affordable Housing proposal on a prime location in Olympia Fields, are both terrible ideas. 

And yes....... Affordable Housing is still on the table and must be rebuffed. Folks, enough is enough please plan to attend.  

Lee Langon


Presidents Association of Olympia Fields


More than 50% of Americans are Financially Under Attack!


Watch Video of Walmart Fire in Olympia Fields
                                           America's Debt Clock - a reality check

Watch the world's Dooms Day Clock 

 Readers Comment:

If the imbeciles at the Park District can't afford a building to store maintenance equipment they purchased with Taxpayer Money, why the hell are they investing in an expansion of the Barn with money that's going to have to come from higher tax rates.

Clearly, they believe the Tolentine Park bond payments and Denise Will's 6-figure salary are higher priority than basic maintenance needs.Denise Will must be removed along with the entire incompetent park board NOW!

Olympia Fields Park District - Trustee Pennington stated that he recently met with Denise Will who is the Executive Director of the Olympia Fields Park District. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold: First to advise Miss Will of his appointment as Trustee Liaison between this Board and the Park District. He stated secondly, to inform the Park District of this Board’s desire to develop ways to work synergistically going forward. Miss Will was receptive to this idea and agreed that she and her Board welcome the opportunity to work with the Board of Trustees on all matters relevant to the betterment of the Village of Olympia Fields.
Trustee Pennington stated that they discussed the District’s Master Plan. They are in the process of building out and renovating the Barn. Miss Will did not go into any specific details relative to that expansion. She was awaiting Final Plans for that project. Miss Will assured Trustee Pennington that she would make those Plans available to the Village once they are received.
Trustee Pennington stated that we discussed the possibility of shared resources. Miss Will’s concern at this particular point was the sharing of the Public Works Garages. They are in need of a place to park their equipment. Trustee Pennington assured Miss Will that is a problem. He sees their equipment out and it is being exposed to the elements. Trustee Pennington stated that he is not sure if we have the capability or the capacity at this particular point in time to do that.


  The Autocratic Olympia Fields "MACHINE" is using their HOA agents to ignore the will of the people in order to enforce additional fees and taxes.

In regards to the tax increase contained in the latest Villager  we share the following information:  We know that the new residents should find this discourse very interesting for it is dealing directly with YOUR income .

New residents may not be aware that this Village is now attempting to double dip and make the citizens pay twice for flood improvement that were paid for in the 2007  Tax Referendum.Read the following information from a Olympia Field's resident who is asking al of the residents to be at the next Board Meeting. I am quite certain that he will speak up and will also require your words of protest against this  this unjust autocracy. 


We have  forwarded the this link to the VILLAGE REFERENDUM NEWSLETTER OF 2007  that stated the referendum was to fund future drainage and sewer costs for decades to come.Also we have the attached file (pt) of the 33 page power point presentation of the referendum, which contained the following:With residential support of a change in limiting rate from .346 to .992;… or an investment that costs less than a cup of “Coffee” a day the Village can realize…Mayor Jones said 66% of the sewers will be repaired 

• Major Flood Protection• Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation •   Road Improvements•  Beautification and Strong Property Code Enforcement•     Increase in Police Protection•   Financial Sustainability in Village If you think you pay to  much in taxes, water rates, utility bills and interests on bonds please plan to be at the next Board meeting.The above actions are not that of a democratic government but of a fascist sate! Let us define a  democracy for those who are now serving as our overlords: A democracy is defined as1

a :  government by the people; especially :  rule of the majority

b :  a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

Reader's Comment:

EXCLUSIVE!  A Florida Ethic's Report stated in the May 24, 2005  TCPalm Newspaper, by Keona Gardner that:  "Mekarski (then Vero Beach Administrator)  "used poor judgement in making decisions".

David Mekarski was forced to resign from VERO BEACH FLORIDA prior to accepting present job

  In spite of prior knowledge of Mekarski's undesirable past, this government also  used very "poor judgement" in giving him a new three year contract!"

To read more on  Village decisions to waste $190.000 click on the following link: 

Click here: page2 (sharpolympiafields2).

Reader Comment:
  Mekarski's Cover Up to Hide his Past From Residents 




Mekarski a prevaricator. of false information, or yet, another case of "poor judgement"

MEKARSKI'S MESSAGE  ATTACKS BLACK  PEOPLE  as restaurants rise all around olympia fields

SUMMARY: ON APRIL 17TH 2013, EMILY BADGER WROTE COMMENTS REGARDING DAVID MEKARSKI'S ARTICLE: Click here: Retail Redlining: One of the Most Pervasive Forms of Racism Left in America? - CityLab









 Racist ‘Retail Redlining’ Is Still a Big Problem in America Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 - (by Mekarski)
 All of our  Truth Seekers must ask the question: Was Mekarski's letter a "cover up" or a sign of his incompetence? 

Reader's Comment
"We look more and more like amateurs when it comes to economic development"
I feel it inappropriate to use the word "we" for it is David Mekarski  ( the $160,000 + Administrator) who according to former Mayor Jones  was to bring new businesses and economic development  to Olympia Fields in 2005.  Instead,  Mekarski gave Olympia Fields a bad name for businesses by incorrectly labeling it a city where (Blacks) people fail to tip.  He was obviously fabricAting This version for  he allegedly received this information from ONE business owner.  You cannot validate  such a reply using one person as the source of your total  conclusion.
My own opinion of Mekarski is that he unfortunately displayed his whiteness in making this unsupported statement, his failure to reside in Olympia Fields, and his own repeated incompetence ( bad judgement) by publishing this "FAKE news" to the entire world.
The people of Olympia Fields must accept some of the blame for allowing this obviously incompetent administrator to get way with these acts of poor judgment for 11 years.

 Failure to attract businesses has very little to with this so called "red lining".  Mr. Mekarski, instead of blaming and making excuses as to why businesses do not want to locate into Olympia Fields, you and the other highly paid supervisors of this very "SMALL" Village need to act and serve as role models and become  immediate residents of this Village to clearly demonstrate to outsiders that you have a vested interest and concern for the financial success of Olympia Fields.  If a businesses owner were to ask each of you "where do you live"?  Each of you would have to state "in some other city, or state, other than Olympia Fields".  Is it any wonder that no company/business  wants to come to your Village?  If Olympia Fields isn't good enough for you, and/or the other paid supervisors, to live in, then it certainly isn't good enough for any business to relocate to.

Reader’s Comment:

ALWAYS REMEMBER NEVER FORGET:  In a June 6, 2003, Indigo cover story, Gloria Jones, the wife of the former mayor, was quoted as saying that her husband Linzey Jones “led the fight to keep commercial developments out of the village’s residential area”The majority of those on the present Olympia Fields Trustee Board were originally appointed by President Linzey Jones

One must ask the question, since David Mekarski was recommended by Jones for  his position, is he, and Jones’s other appointees, committed to maintaining  Jones  directive  of keeping businesses out of the Village?  If so, they have been very successful for the past 10 years!

“Usually when a people are sad they don’t do anything.   Like children, they just cry over the conditions. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.’  Malcolm X

What is Flossmoor Resident Mekarski Planning  For Olympia Field Residents? 


"Robbing from the needy to give to the greedy"!  As our Municipal Tax Rates  soar, so does Mekarski’s salary, click on following to read more: MEKARSKI VILLAGE CONTRACT JULY 8, 2013

Reader's Comment:

A message to the Village government:  Why is Mekarski being rewarded?   Is this government afraid of him? Are they in "bed with him"? Something is not right!  A better question is why would more than 2,000 residents (home owners, renters or lessees, shamefully not vote allowing such questionable actions like these  to occur which will reduce our finances? “The pigeons are (quickly) coming home to roost!”

For more than 10 years, Mekarski has not  brought businesses to Olympia Fields using the "unsupported" rationale that "Blacks don't tip" as his excuse. Meanwhile, surrounding cities are introducing more and more new commercial properties which "prove" his "red linning" comments are false.

  Reader's Comment
 Village in violation of Public Act 097-0609 (5 ILCS 120/7.3)?
 Public Act 097-0609 (5 ILCS 120/7.3), requires a Village to post on the Village’s website the total compensation package for each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per year. Total compensation as defined by the act includes payments by the employer to the employee for salary, health insurance, housing allowance, vehicle allowance, clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted and sick days granted, if applicable.

Reader's Comment: 

Good work. Nice to see your commercial recommendations. 


 Reader's Comment:

Thanks for going out of your way to get the Villager for us.


“I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – my own government" - Martin  Luther  King Jr    

 Reader’s Comments:

WGN Investigates learned that part-time village trustees are getting full-time health benefits – forever.




Olympia Fields "Town Center" candidates re-elected even with more Commercial sites for Sales and Leases

As Matteson and other surrounding towns continue to attract more and more businesses, Olympia Fields plans to waste our tax dollars on an expensive “Town Center". We presently have the vacant stores for a "town center". When will they locate some businesses for these sites?  Demand that the government first find occupants for the number of Olympia Fields commercial real estate listings below

Olympia Fields, IL Commercial Real Estate

Olympia Fields, IL Commercial Real Estate for Sale -

Olympia Fields, IL Commercial Real Estate for Lease -

  Olympia Fields Commercial Real Estate for Sale and Lease - Olympia Fields, Illinois

Matteson residents not waiting for their "Village Administrator" to bring town businesses

                     New citizens group aims to burnish Matteson's image

Hundreds of Matteson residents turned out this week for the opening of a Giordarno's pizzeria, which was promoted by a new citizens group that plans to actively encourage residents to get more involved in their communityGiordarno's general manager Toney Seavers said patrons placed 145 orders during the 2½-hour dinner period Monday, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Reader's Comment:

Mr. Mekarski, Olympia Field states that a "Super Wal Mart"  construction will commence in the spring of 2016. How much will this new project cost the tax payers of Olympia Fields? Wal Mart has repeatedly reported that they must be provided with incentives in order to build a new stores.  Will this Olympia Fields "Super Wal Mart" culminate into a fiasco similar to that which occurred at Lincoln Mall where the builder was given a "sweet" deal for millions of tax payers dollars by the Matteson Village Administrator?

Reader's Comment:

Letter to the Mayor, the Village Administrator, Salaried Employees and Residents of Olympia Fields, IL 60461

I will move Heaven and earth to attend the next Town Center meeting.  I’m afraid this once beautiful, first in the suburban derby as assessed by Pierre devise of UIC, will become a most undesirable place to live. 

Many if not most of the residents moved here from the apartment cluttered City of Chicago in order to have low density, a place of tranquility and green spaces.  We like the fact that our homes are separated with larger than average lots.  We like the fact that, should we chose to, we can get to know our neighbors.

I would like to have made public, if not already done so, to share with the community the feasibility studies and the cost/benefit analyses to have renters in a community where the majority of the real estate taxes come from home owners.

Do we know that the consumption and use of our resources is a benefit to our community or a drain on our community?

It may be my own fault that I do not know the answers to these questions because I have been dealing with some health issues, however, I would like access to this information, if all others have had the opportunity to review the data.

The development of rental units is the death of the Village of Olympia Fields as we know it and invalidates the very reasons we selected this community.

I would also like to know how we justify the high salaries being paid to workers who have such a small village to govern.  Are our salaries too high for the population serviced?

 Reader's Comment
We feel that a public warning to Trustee  Robert Waite was appropriate, for all  Public Servants must be very careful of  what they write (in this case an email), or say, to the public, for they represent many ethnic groups in their district. Waite "distributed  racist literature" which  can often be interpreted as being racially insensitive.

Reader's Comment:

I knew something was up. If a million dollar annual cash cow was coming around the corner, why would they need a high end vehicle tax????? They could have lived on the general fund until the Walmart revenue started rolling in.

They have also started giving false hope with the rumor that Mariano's has called them regarding the old jewel site. So what if they talked on the phone. That means nothing. Check the locations of ALL Mariano's stores and ask yourself, why would they build the next one at Route 30 & Western.

Mekarski's wants everyone to believe all these wonderful thing that will happen in 3 years, meanwhile he rides it out and pads his pension. The guy's not doing anything except raising taxes, making excuses, taking care of the people he works with, and spewing B.S. 

Reader's Comment:

You do a great service for our community.  And I want you to know that some of us truly appreciate your work and efforts to keep us informed and on our toes. 
However, it is just a shame that we, as a people, have been so hood winked, blind sided, divided, and shut up and out of having a real voice that it is hard to believe that in 2014 we are still falling for the same old tricks and techniques.  It often appears that we have gone backwards.  We no longer have the fight, the drive, the pride, and the interest to move forward ... We believe that we have arrived and that we do not need to strive for anything else.
I talk to some of my neighbors about issues here in Olympia Fields and it is so hard for me to believe some of the things that come out of their mouths.  Sometimes it makes me so angry ... that I just have to leave and go in the house.
However, I will continue to try to use your newsletter to enlighten them .... maybe one day they will see the light.  I have made several copies of your newsletter and I will be putting them in mailboxes, since I do not think any of them have subscribed.
Keep up the fight!!!!

Reader's  Comment

Thank you for keeping us informed!  Keep up the good work, and keep the spotlight shining on our local government.  

Reader Comment:

Déjà vu -  does this sound familiar ???


(Page 13)

Councilmember’s Items

B) City Councilmember Mary Beth McDonald

                        1. City Manager’s Expenditures

Mrs. McDonald wanted to speak publicly about some expenditures made in the City Manager’s office…. There were three items that she wanted to address tonight. They are the department head raises, the cost for consultants and the cost for lobbyist. She said that two weeks ago this Council approved a $10 million dollar loan to cover the City’s operating expenses and then they received a memo a few days ago that without Council’s knowledge or approval, Mr. Mekarski approved raises that ranged between $15,000 – $20,000 in some cases. She was not addressing whether or not these raises were deserved, but what she is addressing is the fact that this was done without Council’s approval or knowledge. She expressed that this was a considerable amount of money and this City has never been in this type of financial bind that they are in now. She feels that Mr. Mekarski has overstepped his authority in approving these raises and not sharing this information with Council. 

Reader’s Comment:

Our wishes to you for a happy and prosperous New Year!

 I read your latest issue – you mentioned preserving integrity, prosperity and safety. Unfortunately, it should be restoring the above 

Mekarski is a cancer along with others. I really hope you are considering getting out of that dying community before it is a corpse! From where I sit, it seems that things are only getting worse despite your brave and dedicated efforts.


Reader’s Comment:

Please include me on the list

Reader’s Comment:

As always, I will share this with others.  Keep up the fight.

Reader's Comment:

Olympia Fields government accused of "Chicago Style Politics" 


Held on May 27, 2014  *(page 11)

 She inquired whether or not we pay a salary to an inspector. Isn’t it his job to find the problems in the Village? The only time she has seen him is at the 203rd Street Station collecting the money from the slots. Is that his job to count pennies, quarters, and dollars? She stated that something is very wrong in this Village. She believes that priorities are skewed. 

It is wonderful to see that we are getting more tax money in this Village. Maybe that will relieve the residents and we won’t have to pay this high sewer charge. Mrs. Shinker stated that she has lived here a long time and she is really saddened. She likes the

Village. She likes the people in this Village. She has wonderful neighbors. Mrs. Shinker stated that she doesn’t like to see them taken advantage of. She stated don’t underestimate the intelligence of the people in this Village, don’t. 

Right now there is apathy which is sad. She believes that they feel as she does that this is like an exercise in futility to come here and talk because you know your words don’t mean a thing. It’s frustrating. It makes one angry. Changes should be made and your attitude towards the residents in this Village. She stated don’t jump on her and say that she never comes to these meetings. It shouldn’t matter whether you come to every meeting, whether you never come to a meeting, or whether you occasionally come to a meeting. As a resident you have a right to speak and no one on that Board has a right to silence you. She is angry because she doesn’t think that things are being done correctly in this Village. It saddens her. 

Mrs. Shinker stated that you are good politicians. She grew up in Chicago. She stated that you rank up there with the best of them. She doesn’t care about their words. She cares about the intent of this Board. 

Trustee Waite stated that he objects to being compared to Chicago politicians. Mrs. Shinker stated that she objects to what is going on in this Village.Mrs. Shinker stated thatshe knew that you were going to shoot me down. She knew you were going to justify everything, shoot down everything, and explain away everything.

 Trustee Waite stated that we work hard for our residents. It is kind of insulting when you compare us to Chicago politicians. We are not like Chicago politicians, not one iota. We don’t steal. We don’t cheat. 

Mrs. Shinker stated that she didn’t come here to be lectured by you, sir. Trustee Waite stated that he didn’t come here to be lectured by her. Mrs. Shinker stated that she is a resident of this Village and she can speak here. Trustee Waite stated that he is a resident of the Village and he gets to speak also. 

Village President Meyers-Martin stated that we are in Communications and Petitions and members of the audience have the right and the ability to speak to the Board. 

To read additional Olympia Fields' Trustee Minutes CLICK ON NEWS

Reader’s Comment:

People are becoming disgusted with Trustee  Waite. Waite was referring in the following meeting to comments made by Laura Shinker 5 months earlier in May. It is apparent from all his recent comments posted on our web pages; he’s not displaying the demeanor of a public servant. 

Reader's Comment:

Dear Olympia Fields Resident,


(If you have received the SHARP WATCH I am sorry to bother you again ...but please ...  just share it with others.)


Please read the following newsletter and share some Very Important information regarding Olympia Fields with your neighbors.


SHARPWATCH has been trying to keep us informed for many years... It is a shame that Mr. Broyls' predictions and concerns were poo pooed and not taken seriously by the "powers to be" and others who just could not see the forest for the trees.


On second thought, maybe the "powers to be" wanted to paint Mr. Broyls in a less than positive light so that we would be oblivious to what they were really doing.  Our taxes have continued to rise even though the property values have decreased.  Property values down .... investors buying up properties at rock bottom prices and renting them out at high prices.  Are we soon to become a rental property haven for real estate investors???   I hope not.


According to news reports Olympia Fields and Lansing are the only Southland suburbs that HAVE NOT shown a property market value increase since the housing market started to rebound .... instead our property values have decreased and /or remained depressed.  And our Bond rating has dropped from AAA to AA.  The drop does not seem significant but it will certainly affect the interest rate on any bonds that are floated.  SHARPWATCH WARNED and predicted that this would happen.    Over 90% of his predictions have come true or are moving in that direction.  We must become involved!!!  WE MUST BE MORE PROACTIVE.

Reader's  Comment:

The Police Dept. budget is not the reason they're broke. 

The Village total staff size has increased approximately 20% to a total of 50 employees since Mekarski arrived.   

The Police Department has relatively the same size staff as it did 2 decades ago. 

It wasn't the Police Department that took out a 20 year bond to rehab a furniture store just so they could brag that they have the biggest Village Hall in the area

Reader's Comment:
I’m disappointed that, our own Village Board. Is working on a measure to “shut” our community members and citizens from voicing their and our opinion. Let’s put a stop to this. They are suppose to work for us and WE have a right to express our thoughts on the issues that affect our community.   

Reader's Comment:

How much taxpayer money is Mekarski and Meyers-Martin wasting on lawyer's cost to draft up this ordinance ? Another "poor decision"?

Reader's Comments:

To all of the elected government:

Our elected officials must start standing up for the residents and demand a copy of all alleged correspondence with the Attorney General. Mekarski is an employee that works for the board.
If the Board is not provided with all correspondences, they must demand the termination of Mekarski for insubordination.
The board must simultaneously contact the Attorney General and obtain all, if any, correspondences.

If there was never any contact between the Attorney General and Mekarski, then that's even more grounds for termination.

Reader's Comment:


Why are certain members of government requesting the Village Attorney propose a rule change to limit the time that a resident can make comments at Trustee Meetings?  What do they want to hide?  Are they afraid that a resident may make comments that they don't' want published in the Trustee Minutes?  Tax payers are concerned about the rising tax rates in the Village! We want to know the name(s) of the company or companies that are profiting from the sales of the Municipal Bonds? Where are they getting the money to purchase and install these proposed art sculptures? Why was David Mekarski forced to resign and investigated by the Florida Ethics Committee in Vero Beach, Florida (2005)? Why the person that stole $40,000 from the Village wasn’t made known to the public?  Why weren't they prosecuted? WHY? These, and many other major concerns by our voters, will take more than three minutes! 

Reader's Comment:


 In a September 10, 2006 Southtown Star article entitled Olympia Fields: All that, and free college tuition too? By Michael Bowers: Village Administrator David Mekarski erroneously inferred that he had lived in the Olympia Fields for three years. Mr. Mekarski further stated that “his home combines the best aspects of Oak Park, for its diversity; Evanston, for its quality of life; and Lake Forest”.  What home, the one where you now live in Flossmoor? You lived in Florida in 2005?

Reader's Comment:

When will this government halt the practice of giving annual raises, making health payments, paying retirement benefits, providing  monthly travel allowances, or even worse paying an employees dues for  some "professional organizations", (this the employees expense  should never be paid by the tax payers?  Wake up people there are some very ominous signs regarding the  American economy. It's time to cut all the the "fat" and freeze the wages!.   Here is a very serious message tor all Public Servants:

Reader's Comment:

October 15, 2014

Dear Mr. Broyls,

Thank you for the copy of the letter of October 13, 2014, to President Meyers-Martin.  I sincerely appreciate your assistance because it is impossible to get results alone.  I have contacted a pest control company to get an estimate for service to control rodent and insect infestation that the stacked wood will create this winter. 

Many neighbors throughout the community are outraged over the attitude of the village regarding this issue that I am experiencing.  Again, I appreciate your devoted assistance to make a positive difference in our community.


Reader's Comment:

Our government is corrupt run by corrupt business man and not by our elected officials.  Most of the elected officials, even if they started out starry eyed and ready to change the world until they meet the lobbyists and have their palms greased.  It's all a farce but it's all we've got.  Power is held in the hands of a few.  You and I know these things; but, most of our people don't know and don't care.  We just have to keep trying to wake them up. 

 Reader's Comment:

Loss of sales revenue has become a trap for our residents created by the "public servants" responsible for bringing retail stores to Olympia Fields.  The people have been betrayed and preyed upon by the blatant and obvious failure of this government..  The loss of retail stores have been perpetually used as an excuse to seek other sources of revenue  because they are too starved from the  loss of sales tax revenues to sustain them in paying their debts and keeping this Village afloat. Yet, they did nothing constructive to attract new retail outlets! 


Olympia Fields problems commenced with the election of Linzey Jones as President. Many people realized that they were in trouble when his wife, Gloria, reportedly said,  in the June 11, 2003 Indigo, "After the election he (Jones) led the fight to keep commercial development out of the Village's residential area.."


Let the truth be told - President Jones, and his Trustees, rejected Sutton Ford's request to the Village for 50% of his sale tax revenue to be used by Sutton to modernize his facility. This forced Sutton  to relocate to Matteson and for Olympia Fields to lose $300,000 in sales tax revenue! Southtown May 21, 1998


Therefore, since 2005 this government has endlessly trawled for new schemes to raise revenue. Their biggest  plot was their repeated issuance of "floating"  multi-million dollars bonds as a primary financial source of seeking operational funds. Remember that these are the acts of  bureaucratic "machine" politicians that   unsympathetically repay these  bonds, with interest, using your tax dollars!!!!!  


The increasing lack of attracting retail stores, the endless issuance of bonds in conjunction with higher property taxes, higher utility taxes, water and sewer rates have quickly become crippling expenses for our tax payers. This problem  will only grow, and become even more onerous, as less and less income is received by this Village from the collapse of the Village's retail market and the big  losses from commercial sales taxes. This lack of "competent stewardship" will grossly affect our dwindling paychecks!.

Reader's Comment: 

During the years  2002-2004 nothing was seen mentioning bonds. 

December 2005 appears to be the start of the onslaught of bonds, the same year that Mr. Mekarski became the Village Administrator. 

They basically just "maxed out their credit" and made their payments(installments) on time with the extra $1.7 million from the  referendum. That gave them their AAA bond rating. 

At 1% commission, every $1 million in bond principle equates to $10,000 in someone’s pocket. 

Readers Comment: 

Mekarski is a bum!  You need to get rid of him. Who is (are) his supporter(s)?  Don’t send him back to Florida! 


Reader's Comment: 


 Government violates law, fails to have an attorney at every meeting 

This government has continuously  failed to comply with  Article III of the Village Ordinance. This failure has jeopardized the rights of the people. One must ask,  how many "illegal" laws (ordinances)  have been passed by this government since their enactments were not scrutinized by the oversight of the required attendance of a  Municipal Attorney?

  • Article III Sec. 2-127. - Appointment; qualifications; term.

    The president, with the advice and consent of the board of trustees, shall, for each fiscal year, appoint a qualified, competent person to be the attorney for the village. The village attorney need not be a resident of the village. The attorney shall serve until his successor has been appointed.

    (Ord. No. 12-A, §§ 1, 2, 11, 4-23-60)

  • Sec. 2-128. - Functions and compensation.


    The village attorney shall attend all regular, adjourned and special meetings of the board of trustees and shall render legal opinions, when requested by any village official, relating to general laws, statutes, county ordinances and village ordinances, insofar as they relate to municipal problems of the village and/or any village official and he shall be compensated for the reasonable value of such services.


    Compensation for any legal services to be rendered by the village attorney, in connection with the levy and assessment for local improvements, shall be paid for only out of special assessment installments as and when collected and shall not be an obligation of the village, when said assessment shall be fully completed and in full force and effect. However, legal services rendered in connection with the levy and assessment for local improvements, when said assessment is not put into effect and not completed, shall be paid to the village attorney in accordance with the ordinary rate paid to the attorney for the actual legal services performed.


    The village attorney shall be compensated for the reasonable value of any and all other legal services rendered to or for the village.

    (Ord. No. 12-A, § 5, 4-23-60; Ord. No. 12-B, § 1, 5-24-66)

Reader's Comment:

When you don't live in the community you represent, how vested are you going to be about economic development?  If our village administrator can't sell businesses on investing in our community, then we need a “new” salesperson. 

Reader's Comment:  

Dear Sharp: 

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your concern and timeless effort in research in giving us homeowners the truth about our village government. I will be attending the meeting on Tuesday;  and thank you again for your dynamic work.

Reader's Comment:


Hello Sharp,,

I think you know I am one of your biggest fans as it relates to the mission of SharpWatch. So please take what I am about to say with this in mind. I believe 85 to 90 % of what you write is truthful and accurate. It's the 10 to 15 % that you now need to worry about. That percentage is just enough to cause some folks to question your credibility.  I won't get into specifics in this issue I just received but to say, David's wife, Suzy, resigned her Education Commission seat at least three years ago to work on her doctorate...but everything else you raise about David running the commission  is true! I don't know how you could do it but fact checks and certainly, spelling or grammar checks, would put such polish on your news that you would be such a formidable journalist and agent of change!


From my heart...keep up the great work!

 (NOTE:  Any errors are unintentional but our facts are clear.  Sharp is not a Sun Times or Tribune Newspaper operation! Even their so called paid proof readers miss grammatical errors. We do the best that we can with our unpaid staff of writers and researchers to share the factual news with our readers, but we will try to do better!)

Reader's Comment:


The pathetic truth is a majority of our neighbors are: Delusional, Ignorant, cowards living in the past with a false sense of grandeur and a blind faith in our village board. We can't control what these morons think. 

But everyone in this town is not a moron. This is evident by the turnout of angry residents at recent board meetings. All the village board can do to defend themselves now is lie. And numbers ($$$) don't lie.  Especially when the numbers are their numbers! 

Speaking of cowards, allegedly  if  some of the Public Servants, agree, that Mekarski must go, why don't they ever speak out?

Reader Comment:

From Trustee Meeting September 23, 2014 

The following is from a 1995 newspaper article :  "Some residents launch protest of planned 2 percent utility tax", By William D. Curran The Star October 12, 1995,

Reader's Comment:

Higher and higher utility rates, now they have passed a law reneging on their 1995  promise to terminate the  vehicle car stickers in place of the utility tax.  With the additional revenue from the referendum which increased annual property tax revenue alone, from app $700,000 to over $2.4 million!!

This town is "Screwed. Big time".

With over 31 commercial properties for sale or for lease and residential  foreclosures, empty homes, and plummeting property values, the $2.4 million revenue has dwindled down to $1.9 million annually.

Thank You,

Reader's Comment:

This guy Bizio got a million dollar “perk” from OF to develop the plaza. I assume the plaza is going to hell right now. The anchor tenant is the health club.

Reader’s Comment

It is reported that the Park District excessive spending costs tax payers an additional $33.761. Rather than just wait till they received the $400,000 grant money for Tolentine Park, the park district took out a $400,000 one year bond. Presumably to start construction ASAP.

The cost to issue the bond cost $7550 which was taken out of the grant, which reduced the grant to $392,450 

 The interest for the bond was $26,211

 Total cost of fees and interest for one year bond $33,761

 Question:  Was it imperative that the park had to be in construction phase to receive grant?

Reader's Comment:

If the Olympia Field's Park District  were unable to maintain the very "tiny"  "Stamper Park" which was at 203rd and the Metra tracks, why did they waste tax payers money building the huge, underused, Tolentine Park at 207th and Governors Highway. Are they also planning for the Village to maintain this park?


                                            The People Have Spoken!

 Certain members on the  227 School Board must stop "show boating" and playing games!   Our children require an outstanding education because we are in deep financial trouble!

Reader's Comment:

Thank you. It  just doesn't seem adequate for all that you and Sharpwatch do for our community and 227 Schools, and now the work begins with no excuses. The trustee results for Olympia Fields were interesting, I think Oliver was duped and the rumor has it that Pennington made a deal       

Reader's Comment:      

Hello everyone, 

Congratulations Board Member Elects. It was hard work, it was sacrifice, it was trusting each other and our commitment to improve our schools. It was volunteering our time, talents and resources. We did it! We achieved this goal in-spite of overwhelming political support from the opposition. It was the School District today...... Our community at large in the future. We will continue to fight for what's just and fair. Now, I implore you to go forth and make sure our children get everything they richly deserve, a good education. Rest assured we will continue to support you all and be a resource. We're not going anywhere... HERE WE STAND!

Thank you all for your service.


Reader's Comments:

What is really disturbing is Olympia Fields Administration  has alienated themselves from the media.  Here's another example:


BATTERY Teacher at Rich Central reported student in class came up behind her and placed arm around her neck and struck  her several times. Several students in the class came to her aid and attempted to pull subject off before security arrived

S.D. 227 failure to regularly enforce their own discipline laws  have caused students to develop into malfunctioning adults whose misbehavior training was re enforced in schools that had few consequences

School District 227 fails to enforce Discipline Guidelines


Reader's Comment:

Residents must must critically listen to  the comments made by certain School Board Members. Ask yourself why have you tolerated this unsatisfactory behavior for a dozen years? Watch and evaluate  School District 227 Televised Meetings:     Click here: Board Meeting Videos)

Readers Comments:

10/17/16- Rich Central High School's Test Score Rates 3 out of 10 (unchanged)   from Great Schools

 Reader's Comment:
Thanks for going out of your way to get the Villager for us.

“I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – my own government" - Martin  Luther  King Jr   


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 Readers Comment:
Good work. Nice to see your commercial recommendations.

Reader's Comment:
We've been to Hidden Manna several times and love it!
Reader's Comment:
We love Hidden Manna for it's warmth, friendliness, reasonable prices,  the food is delicious and the decor is outstanding.  We are now regular customers.Thanks!


Hidden Manna Café  at 3613 w 216th St. in Matteson - Click: here Home  * * * *

Congratulations Hidden Manna for being selected by WGN's TV show Chicago Best on March 29, 2015 

                                          Helix Eye Center  -    326 Est Lincoln Highway Schererville, Indiana. Helix@helixeyecare.com                                  

Readers Comment:

Looking for a very good Ophthalmologist? Make an appointment  for an eye examination at the Helix Eye Center in Schererville Indiana located on route 30 west of 41. Ask for Dr. D!

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