How many sessions will I need?

Weekly sessions are normally what delivers the most effective outcome. Sessions are 55 minutes in duration for individuals and 70 minutes for couples work and I offer open ended or short term counselling.  This means we tailor the duration to your individual needs, we review as we go. It is important you feel counselling is beneficial right from the start.

How much does it cost?

A 55 minute individual session will cost £45 while a 70 minute couples session will cost £60. However I do offer concessions

How can counselling help with depression?

First of all if you are reading this, you are probably ready to do something about it, this is a good start. Talking therapies like counselling help you to understand depression and by taking responsibility for it you can overcome it. In counselling session we will look at how depression came about, why it persists and at ways of tackling it – through changing behaviours and challenging unhelpful and negative thoughts.

Will counselling work for me?

Counselling works best with motivated clients, this means if you are willing to be open, honest and a little brave.  I can assure you I will bring compassion, experience and tried and tested interventions to our sessions. Working together we can make a difference.