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  • Kaitlin Bohon '14 received the 2nd Prize for Silen Award in Cellular Biology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry or Physiology at the New England Science Symposium!
  • New paper in Nature Neuroscience! "Motor circuits are required to encode a sensory model for imitative learning"

  • New paper in PNAS! "Human-like brain hemispheric dominance in birdsong learning"
  • New paper on PloS ONE! "Learning-Related Neuronal Activation in the Zebra Finch Song System Nucleus HVC in Response to the Bird’s Own Song"

The Gobes lab in the Neuroscience Program of Wellesley College, Nov. 2012: Shonda, Maddie, Andrea, Ana, Napim, Houda, Kaitlin, Sima, Sharon, Sahitya and Milena
The focus of my research is on the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying animal behavior. A zebra finch male (Taeniopygia guttata) has to learn his song and long call from an adult tutor (often the father) early in development during a sensitive phase. Females do not sing themselves, but do prefer their fathers' song in a choice test and they produce a long call that is not learned. The zebra finch is a great model organism to study a broad range of questions, from social communication to auditory memory and learning of complex motor skills. I approach these questions from different levels, combining molecular techniques, neurophysiological methods and behavioral testing.