The Sharon Creative Arts Association holds an annual competition for an Art Scholarship. The SCAA has been giving this art scholarship since 1997. The contest is open to students graduating from high school who have been accepted to an art program. Applicants must either be from Sharon or attend Sharon High School. All work submitted must be original art work by the applicant.

Winner for the year 2016 is:
Sam Price

Winner for the year 2014 is:
Nyomi Warren

Winners for the year 2013 are:
Emily Higgens and Spencer Seligman.

Previous SCAA scholarship winners have been Howard Kaplan, Sherill Kelson, Molly Landman, Leah Raab, Brian Renke, Alex Konyk, Ivan Cheung, Matthew Sullivan, Alyssa Greenberg, Adrian Michael, Caitlin Watanasiri, Dana Goldstein, and Amanda Baker.

To apply please contact:         Carol Ross
                                             The Sharon High School Guidance Office
                                             1-781-784-1554 ext. 8070