History of SCAA

When the Sharon Creative Arts Association (SCAA) started in the late 1960’s, it encompassed many of the arts—drama, choral, dance, photography, as well as the visual arts and crafts, painting, sculpture, weaving, and pottery.  Perhaps this was too expansive an idea for the young group without a full time paid director, so some of the groups separated from the SCAA to become their own organization.  In the end, the visual arts group retained the name Sharon Creative Arts Association.  The SCAA is a 501c non-profit organization.

The SCAA has continued for over 50 years bringing encouragement to all artists and the community at large who enjoy seeing art.  The SCAA has monthly meetings from September through June.  Membership in the SCAA is open to residents and non-residents of Sharon, for a small yearly fee (see “How to Join” link).  A person does not have to be an artist to join the SCAA.  Any person who enjoys meeting and talking to art minded people and who wants to support and encourage art in the community is welcome.  Our programs include demonstrations, workshops, art films, art exhibits, and art sales.  We have held Art Festivals, including music and drama, as well as visual arts.  Some of our meetings have been discussions of art and art books of interest to members.

We have two ongoing projects that are important to all our members.  One is the Scholarship we award (see “Scholarship” link) to a talented Sharon High School student planning to study art in college. The other is the purchase of books and DVDs for the Sharon Public Library.