The Sharon Creative Arts Association is a group of artists and appreciators of art, Sharon MA residents and non-residents, and those who value art in our community. This association of kindred spirits has been creating and encouraging art in the community for over 50 years!

Mission Statement 

Our purpose is to enable and encourage the development of the visual arts and crafts in the community. We aim to involve residents of the community in order to foster appreciation, participation, and education in the arts.

SCAA Highlighted Artists

Rosette Becker

After a rewarding career in science I needed more, so in 2000 I took a brush and painted my family history in portraits.It was very satisfying, but there was a fire burning inside me to be unleashed through abstract painting, a direction I took in 2008. My abstract paintings reflect my hidden memories; explosions, dance, life, birth, death, joy and sadness. The colors are vivid, the brushstrokes are dancing and the energy is oozing from my paintings.   ~ Rosette Becker



Laura Rosenspan

Starting as a textile designer in New York and Johannesburg, my focus was designing what the public wanted and meeting the needs of this market. Fair enough, it was a commercial venture powered by, of course, sales. Now, decades later, I can sit back and dream my dreams, design from my heart, and create art that pleases me. I have the luxury of being my own client and my husband is my best repeat customer. I do accept a few select commissions per year and enjoy teaching others how to quilt, from learning the basics in traditional quilt making to teaching fiber art at museums and art associations. My passion is teaching the next generation so the art of the needle can be handed down and creativity with fabric and thread will be an art form that will go on and on.

~ Laura Rosenspan