Systems Learning & Development Lab

Sharona T. Levy

Technologies in Education, Preschool Education and Development,

Faculty of Education, University of Haifa, Israel 

I am a member of the faculty at the University of Haifa, part of two divisions: Preschool Education and Development and Technologies in Education at the Faculty of Education.  My prime interest is in facilitating and studying people's learning about complex systems.  To this goal, I work with a wide span of age-groups, conducting research into people's reasoning about systems they encounter in everyday life and about systems which they construct and explore in the domain of science and technology; and develop computer-based and physical learning environments.  I also focus on science and technology education for young children. I got my Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University in 2002, at the Knowledge Technology Lab and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-based Modeling.

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Mailing address: Faculty of Education, University of Haifa, 199 Aba Khoushy Avenue, Mount Carmel, Haifa, 3498838, Israel 

My office is in the Education building, Room 502

Fax: 972-4-824-0911

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