Who is more dangerous? Sharks kill under 30 people a year. Man kills 100 million sharks a year. Sharks are used for sport, food, medicine, and leater. They are useful to the ocean ecology. Sharks have been hated, because they are large hunters, but the truth is that sharks have more to fear in man than the other way around. Still, if you do see a shark, it is best to be careful. It is hard to tell the kind of shark in the water. First, don't panic. The odds are that it is not dangerous, and even if it is it will not always attack. Plus, remember that sharks can smell fear and thrashing around sounds like a wounded fish. Just slowly swim away quietly, keeping eye contact on the shark.
Try not to swim in the dark, because the shark can see you but you can't see the shark.
Try not to swim alone in shark areas, because sharks don't usually atttack groups. Avoid swimming with seals. If you know what you are doing or are with a guide who does, you will be lucky to see a shark. They are very beautiful and an awesome part of nature. Thankfully, sharks are coming under protection so hopefully will always be part of the sea.
 Steve Backshall and another fellow
   diver exploring the fascinating
             world of sharks