There is a common misconception that ALL sharks are big, bad and evil; there are only a few which actually attack humans, and even those sharks do not attack humans for the sole purpose of hunger. In fact, sharks do not know what the feeling of hunger is, and they can actually go for many months without eating.
Here are a few of the numerous types of sharks which rarely attack and are actually harmless to people:
• whale shark
• nurse shark
• reef shark  
• lemon shark 
And here are the most "dangerous" sharks of the sea:
• great white shark (the Jaws villain)
• tiger shark
• bull shark
• white tip shark
Actually, all sharks are friendly. They will only attack because they think the human is a turtle or a fish. It is their instinct to attack if they see something out in the open. If something is up in their territory then they might possibly attack, because the sharks want to protect their children - they are actually completely harmless to humans, until someone interferes or meddles with the safety of their habitats. 



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