Shark - Full Screen Web Browser

Shark - Full Screen Web Browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch

SHARK is a full screen web browser with a twist.

Focus your keyword searches by tapping your favorite Web site including Wikipedia, Flickr, Google, ESPN,, IMDB and more!

SHARK has many of the features you’ve come to expect from alternative iPhone browsers and some you haven’t seen before:

  • Show and Save Images: Tap to show all the images on the current Web page. Then tap any individual image to save it to your photo library. You can easily save any size image this way (this is difficult to do in Safari).

  • Find Text in Page: After you search a site, use this option to find and highlight the keyword for you.

  • Full screen mode: Hides the status bar and toolbars to use the full screen real estate of the iPhone. Jump automatically to full screen when you hit “GO.”

  • Privacy Browsing: When you close the application, your session is erased and there is no trace of your personal information or what you were searching for.

  • users will appreciate the shrinkster code search mode. Great for listeners of Mondays and other podcasts.


Extraordinary--buy *****
by ultraflash, Aug 3, 2009

Has and lots of features buy it!

by Squandman, Jul 3, 2009

Man this app is amazing!!  I love the convenience and location of the search button, in my eyes this app is just about perfect!  One reasonable suggestion however, if you change the name to "shark" instead of "sharkbrowse" it would be perfect, but that's the only thing I could ever complain about!  Great job!  Worth the dollar!

Great New App *****
by RichW54, May 13, 2009

Works Great.  Fantastic for surfing the web and viewing websites with your entire iPhone screen.  I also like how easy it is to capture web images and add them to your photo library.

Awesome application!! *****
by Preacher232, May 21, 2009

Finally!  A quick app for searching the web or a page!  Very helpful!  Can save pics too!  Great application!