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 My name's Matt and I like programming and contributing to open-source software projects. Here are some things that I am involved with:

Avant Window Navigator

I wrote a couple applets for this awesome program. My first applet, File Browser Launcher, is included in Awn Extras. (!) I have a to-do list and a run applet, both of which can detach [video], so it can look separate from Awn and work perfectly fine. I also rewrote BlingSwitcher, called SlickSwitcher. The to-do list has also been included in Awn Extras. (!) You can also find some other cool things in my Launchpad branch, such as an Awn Emulator, which can help speed up applet development. I also have another Launchpad branch, which allows you to change Awn's dialog color and transparency.

Ultimate Theme Manager

... provides a framework for applying, editing, removing, adding, and getting themes for any application that supports it. I haven't done anything with it for over half a year, so if you want to do anything with it, go right ahead.