Workshop on Computational Science and Engineering

Welcome to Sharjah's First Workshop on 
Computational Science and Engineering
using Quantum Espresso!

3-5 March, 2015

The college of sciences at the University of Sharjah invites specialists and students to participate in the activities of this workshop. The workshop is a joint effort of the Applied Physics Department and the Department of Nuclear Engineering.

Workshop Announcement

Computational material science is nowadays a highly developed field of research, in terms of basic theory, algorithms and applications. The first-principles computational techniques are currently being used to tackle fundamental problems in physics, chemistry, biology, geophysics, material science and nuclear Engineering. On this workshop we will focus on the first-principles calculations of the electronic band structure of condensed matter systems, which is the key requirement  for  understanding  the various properties of these systems. The basic theory behind these calculations  (Kohn-Sham formalism of  the density functional theory and quasi-particle GW approaches) will be described in details, together with the several levels of approximations for the exchange-correlation energy.  Moreover, hands-on tutorial sessions will be organized, in which the attendees can learn how to perform such calculations by using one of the most widely used packages (Quantum Espresso).  


Scientists from the UAE and the neighboring countries  may attend the Workshop. Some knowledge of the DFT calculation and the Linux operating system will be preferred. There is no registration fee. 


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