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Waiting on tests...

posted Mar 6, 2012, 2:49 PM by Sarah Vassello
March 6, 2012

         We got my blood tests back from Dr. K - creatinine is about the same - around 20% function.  Phosphorus high, sodium and
potassium still in normal range.  This Friday I have an MRA (MRI with IV dye) to check on the very small brain aneurysm I have.
I'm already pretty stressed about this test, just because I have to go into that small space and try to not hyperventilate.  Dr. K has
already approved the use of drugs, so I'm good with that.  (This will be my 3rd MRI/A...)

       We've had limited response from our pleas for living donors.  Not too surprising since it's asking so much, but still frustrating.  The
MRA and the CAT scan being done in April are at the request of the transplant people from Carolina's Medical in Charlotte.  We are still
working on getting on their transplant list - the last part of their requests is April 23rd when we visit them again for an appt. with a
transplant surgeon and the CAT scan to make sure my abdomen has enough room in it for another kidney.  After that, we should hear
within a month or so about whether they will accept me as a transplant patient.  In July, I celebrate 3 years on the transplant list.

      Dr. K started me on some new cholesterol meds - so far, so good.  My BP meds remain the same - pretty static with my bp for the last
few years.  Some positive things that happened the last few days - today, at work, I spoke with a man who saw one of my interviews on TV.
We spoke organ donation and he volunteered the fact that on his next trip to DMV, he will be adding "the heart" to his driver's license.  I told
him it was a great thing to do and he would be saving many lives :)  Last night, also at work, I met a woman who flew up north a few months ago
to become a living donor to a friends friend.  Another hero in the world and I was honored to be able to discuss it with her.  It turns out she lives
in the same neighborhood as my parents - what a small world.  I'm feeling good today about my chances of a cadaver kidney at CMC down the line.
I also heard today from one more person that they called Duke Transplant Svcs. and never received a call back.  Unbelievable that this continues
to happen.  It's very frustrating when you find someone that actually wants to donate a kidney, they make the important phone call and can't
even speak with a coordinator nor get a phone call back.  The bureaucracy is amazing!!!  Not many good thoughts for them today.

More after the test on Friday.