Milwaukee South Stake Provident Living Newsletter, Loaves & Fishes, Volume 1, Issue 10


January  2012Volume 1, issue 10

Loaves & Fishes

The Milwaukee South Stake Provident Living Newsletter   

"...Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple means are great things brought to pass.."
Alma 37:6


Loaves & Fishes is the Milwaukee South Stake Provident Living Newsletter compiled by the Stake Provident Living and Family Finances Specialist

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Happy New Year! 

I hope that you will find many blessings in the upcoming year.

There is always a feeling of a fresh start as we let the old year pass and welcome in the new year. It can be a time for turning over a new leaf and working on those things that will truly add the qualities that the Savior would have us implement in our lives. 

As always I hope you find something useful in the newsletter. It is always my pleasure to put it together for you.

         ...Sis. O.

Find a library of 
self-reliance resources at: 

The Milwaukee South Stake Resource Center 

Share your ideas, experiences and insights on self-reliance at:

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The Six Areas Of Self-Reliance: By Small and Simple Means


Getting back to the basics can cause one to ponder upon our place in this universe. That we are children of God. Step by step, by small and simple means we can become what is our potential to become. It isn't how fast we get there that is important, it is the direction we are going. 

Our Divine Creator-A view of the universe and our beginnings.

We Can Find Happiness-How following God's plan can bring us happiness.


I've Gotta Get To Institute- Reasons to go to Institute.

Institute Changes You-Making choices about education after high school.


Addiction: You Will Be Freed-Becoming transformed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

To learn about the church's Addiction Recovery Program talk to your bishop about the support group nearest you.


Not Making Enough Money?
Here are some ideas to improve your financial income.

Family Finances

Home Storage 

Food For Thought: Begin Modestly But Begin- Follow the links to see an example of setting goals and beginning your food storage. Your goals may be different but if you begin to set attainable goals you will discover that "by small and simple means great things are brought to pass". Before you know it you will see the results piling up.

Pure Religion:

Helping others to become more self-reliant is a part of our becoming self-reliant. 

The Coat: A Story of Charity-

The miracle of what happens when we serve others can happen at all ages. It is about opening our eyes and seeing the needs around us and then having a heart willing to do something.

January is:

National Fiber Focus Month

Beans and grains are high in fiber. It sounds like rotating your longer-term storage could have some health benefits.

Dietary Fiber:Essential For A Healthy Diet

Ask a Nutritionist: How Much Fiber Do I really Need?

Fiber Char


 Self-Reliance: By Small and Simple Means 

May 2011 Woman's Conference: By Small and Simple Things
-A summary of talks given by Elder Bednar and Sister Beck at the Woman's Conference.

This is the time of year people sit down and make goals for the up coming year. Many times those goals fall by the wayside in a few month's time. Sometimes that is because the goals may have been too numerous or complicated. Perhaps what needs to be done is to set goals that are smaller or more simple. Instead of setting numerous goals to provide for total self-reliance it would be of benefit to choose something more easily attainable. An example might be, "I will learn to grow tomatoes this year", instead of "I will learn to grow a years supply of all of the vegetables we eat this year". I can attest that making a goal too big can stop the progress right in it's tracks. When I began taking small steps in self-reliance I found myself making progress. Small steps add up to become something worthwhile when they are all put together. So go ahead and set your goals this year...but maybe try making them small and simple and see where you are a few month's down the road. I think I will work on saving biennial seeds this year.

 Family Finances 


Being Savvy About Financial Matters-A slide presentation on personal finances given at the 2009 BYU Woman's Conference.
Personal Finance- A website from BYU Marriott School filled with lessons and tools for the beginner to the advanced in personal finances.

 Family Home Storage 

Storing Fats and Oils

Storing fats and oils is best done in your shorter term storage so that the rotation will be quicker to prevent spoilage.

Storing Oils and Fats
Powdered Butter and Home Canned Butter

Using Fats and OIls
How to Make Mayonnaise 
How to Make Butter
How to Make Clarified Butter
How to Make Flavored Butters
Recipe for bread dipping oil

 Self-Reliance: Family Home Evening Ideas 


A great general resource for planning Family Home Evening

Developing and Teaching Self-Mastery- At this time of year when the focus is often on goal setting it may be a good time to have a family home evening on the reasons for working on self-mastery.

I Am Learning the Ways of Jesus- A song by Janice Kapp Perry that gives some ideas  that can help us become like Jesus. It could be used to start a goal setting discussion with the family.

 Frugal Living 

Making personal care products:
Deodorant-(Note: You can substitute cornstarch for arrowroot powder.)
Shampoo-10 recipes for making your own shampoo.
Lip Balm
Shaving with Baking Powder

 Seasonal Activities 

Dutch Oven Cooking

A dutch oven can be used in the regular oven as well as outside as a camp cooking method. Below you will find some fun dutch oven sites. Try a variety of recipes in your regular oven (using your dutch oven) this winter then give them a try outside with coals in the summer.

Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking Page
My Dutch Oven
Dutch Oven Cooking
Texas Park and Wildlife videos on dutch oven cooking. Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Rustic Country Bread in a Dutch Oven
Baking Bread in a Dutch Oven- I use my cast iron dutch oven and it works very well.
Campfire Bread videos

Kitchen Gardening: Growing Sprouts