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Loaves & Fishes - Volume 1, Issue 1


APRIL 2011
Volume 1, issue 1

 Loaves & Fishes


Are you wondering what the “Loaves & Fishes” newsletter is all about?

It is a newsletter produced by the provident living arm of the Milwaukee South Stake Family Service Committee.  


It will provide:

Information on a variety of Provident Living topics.

Ideas, links and information on ways to save money and stretch the resources you have.

Ways to share ideas and successes throughout the stake.

Quotes from L. Tom Perry were taken from:

"Becoming Self-Reliant", Ensign, Nov. 1991, 64

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The Milwaukee South Stake Resource Center

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Stake Family Service Committee includes:
  • Family Services 
  • Employment 
  • Provident Living and Family Finances 

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What is Self-Reliance?


To be self-reliant is to become responsible for our own needs in all areas of our life.


“Independence and self-reliance are critical to our spiritual and temporal growth. Whenever we get into situations which threaten our self-reliance, we will find our freedoms threatened as well. If we increase our dependence on anything or anyone except the Lord, we will find an immediate decrease in our freedom to act…”


"The principle of self-reliance is spiritual as well as temporal. It is not a doomsday program; it is something to be practiced each and every day of our lives.” L. Tom Perry


The Need For Self-Reliance


Elder L. Tom Perry states concerning Self-Reliance: “Never before in my life has the doctrine of self-reliance been more needed to be preached and encouraged for the benefit of the Saints. We live in a time of rapid change. Governments are rising and falling. Industries are blooming and then all too soon becoming obsolete. New discoveries in science are soon overshadowed by new findings. Unless we are continuously expanding our understanding and vision, we, too, will become out-of-date. Research tells us that individuals entering the labor market today will be forced to find three to five different career paths during their productive years.”


Areas of Self-Reliance


A                                                                                    family.

  There are six areas of self-reliance:

• Spiritual Strength

Exercise faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
Obey God’s commandments.
Pray daily.
Study the scriptures and teachings of the latter-day prophets.
Attend church meetings.
Serve in church callings and assignments.

• Education

Study the scriptures and other good books.
Improve ability to read, write, and do basic mathematics.
Obtain skills needed for suitable employment.

• Health

Obey Word of Wisdom.
Eat nutritious food.
Exercise regularly.
Get adequate sleep.
Avoid addictive substances.
Practice good hygiene and sanitation.
Strive to get adequate medical and dental care.

• Employment

Prepare for and carefully select suitable occupation or self-employment.
Be diligent, trustworthy, and honest in work.

• Finances

Pay tithes and offerings.
Avoid unnecessary debt.
Use a budget and live within a plan.
Gradually build a reserve by regularly saving a little money.
Teach family members principles of financial management.

• Home Storage

Build a three-month supply of food that is part of your normal diet.
Store drinking water in case water supply becomes polluted or disrupted.
Gradually build a longer-term food supply of food that will sustain life.

See Providing in the Lord’s Way, Summary of a Leaders Guide to Welfare.


Building Self-Reliance In Families


In the Family Guidebook  there is information on using family councils.

"Parents may call family members together in a family council. Families can use these councils to set family goals, resolve family problems, discuss finances, make plans, support and strengthen each other, bear testimony, and pray for each other. A council may be held whenever needed. Parents may want to hold a family council each Sunday or in connection with family home evening. Respect for the opinions and feelings of others is essential to the success of family councils."

It is important for families to work together on self-reliance. Perhaps a family council or family home evening on a selected self-reliance area would be fun and helpful. Use the "Self-Reliance Exercise" to help you get started.


“I am convinced there are thousands of ways for families to build self-reliance by working together in productive pursuits. Perhaps a good family home evening discussion could produce some ideas to help make your family unit more temporally self-reliant.” L. Tom Perry


Here are some resources for preparing a family home evening on self-reliance.


Self-Reliance Lesson Plan


If you need help on holding or organizing a family council, check out the following links:

Elder and Sister Ballard on Family Councils



Share the Success


I have a firm testimony that applying the principles of self-reliance brings a peace of mind not only in good times but especially in the hard times. We have turned to our food storage as a life-line during several challenging times in our life. We have come to understand the value of having that supply of food to rely upon, so much so that when moving we sold furniture to make sure there was room to move our food supply.

----- Sis. K



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