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Continues into 2016!

Reflection makes us stronger, wiser, and more precise. In our journey to understand ourselves as educators, we should continually reflect about what we believe in, what has worked well, and also what has failed miserably in our classrooms. Blogging is a great platform for reflection. The process of writing and sharing your work with others can guide you as you move forward in your journey as an educator.

Show your work. Share #YourEdustory. We need to not only reflect for ourselves, but also to show the community what teaching and learning is all about. After all, if we don’t tell our stories, somebody else will.

Join educational bloggers from around the world by Sharing #YourEdustory.

Here is how it works:

  • One blog post a week

  • Tweet a link to your blog post using the #YourEdustory hashtag on Twitter

  • Connect and comment on others’ blog posts

  • Each week a topic will be provided (if you need it)

  • Be able to add topic ideas in honor of Edcamp style

  • Join a calendar that will send you blogging reminders

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