The ShareTable project is ongoing research being carried out by members of the Ubiquitous Computing Research Lab at Georgia Tech (School of Interactive ComputingCollege of Computing) and proudly affiliated with the GVU Center. Find out more about our team and help out!

The ShareTable seeks to support and enrich long-distance interaction between parents and children. One such table in the child's home is connected via broadband to a paired table in the parent's home. Standard videoconferencing provides an audio/video connection, while a camera-projector system superimposes a video stream of one table's surface on top of the other. The parent and child can view and layer physical artifacts in this shared media space, enabling activities like doing homework, reading, and playing together. Users can even leave notes on the table's plexiglas surface using the familiar medium of dry-erase markers. Use the links below to find out more about the ShareTable:

ShareTable Accolades and In the News!

  • 12/04/2011 | The ShareTable is in the press again, in The Examiner!
  • 06/09/2011 | The ShareTable is highlighted in a web feature!
  • 04/25/2011 | A story about the ShareTable airs on Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS)!
  • 04/10/2011 | The ShareTable won 1st place at the G3 innovation competition!
  • 02/08/2011 | The ShareTable is 1 of the 5 GTRIC fellowship winners out of 400 entries!
  • 11/10/2010 | This project won a kynamatrix research network grant!
  • 08/26/2010 | The ShareTable was featured in a podcast by Poor Dad Tech
  • 05/18/2009 | The ShareTable is 1 of 6 winners of the Como for Children Design Competition!

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The full-text pdfs are provided for private use only.

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