Share FORMS With Students

How do you get FORMS to students?

 1.Put Links On A Class Webpage
 2.Put Links On Media Center Pages
 4.Create a Sites homepage for your GAFE
 5.Create a Google Doc and publish it
 6.Share a Doc within your domain; make it "view only"; include links
 7.Email Link To People
 8 . Add links inside blogs and instant messages
 9. Use a site similar to collect bookmarks to share with students:
10. Use Edmodo or similar site
11. Create a WORD document, add links, and post on the shared school network

Click here to download a PDF with some of the ideas listed above


1) Create Links For Students From:

2) Embed A FORM On A Google SITES Page. Students can fill out the FORM right on the SITES page.
  • Below is an example of a FORM embedded on a webpage.

The American Revolution Classroom Discussion