What is SHARE A MEAL (shareameal.org) striving to achieve (our mission)?

"To use social media to increase awareness of​ The Last Supper in Christianity."

What is the charitable purpose of SHARE A MEAL?

To increase awareness of The Last Supper in Christianity (what) across the English speaking world (where) of the general public (who) by using social media (how).

What is the significance of our name (SHARE A MEAL)?

Our name reflects how we increase awareness of The Last Supper in Christianity by sharing on social media photos of meals.

Who is responsible for SHARE A MEAL?

The founder (Tim Hall) was born (1956) and educated in the UK. After graduation the founder's career took him to Africa working on mapping projects (Botswana/Sudan) and agricultural development projects (Nigeria). In 1999 the founder migrated to New Zealand but lost his home and lifestyle in the Christchurch earthquakes (2010/2011) so in 2012 decided to relocate to Gloucester in the UK. The founder values the importance of the common good and making a difference for good.
The founder's contact details are:
Founder's name: Tim Hall
Founder's email: hiswordATgmailDOTcom