Shardul Aswal

 Project Scientist -B
Educational Qualification :
  • M.Tech  from College Of Engineering (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies).
  •  B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) from Sri Sukhmani Institute Of Engineering &Technology, Punjab(Punjab Technical University).
  • HSE from Modern School ,Rishikesh.
  • SSE from Omkarananda Saraswati Niliyam,Rishikesh.

1.       Completed Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd 8 Gems Safety Training

a)       GEM # 1-Driver & Vehicle Safety,

b)      GEM # 2-Commitment and Intervention

c)       GEM # 3-Facility Safety GEM

d)      GEM # 4-Induction & Training

e)       GEM # 5-Risk Management   

f)        GEM # 6-Lifting Equipment and Operations

g)       GEM # 7-Hazardous Substances

h)      GEM # 8-Hazardous Environments

2.       Risk Management Tools

3.       Task Risk Assessment (TRA)

4.       Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

5.       Permit To Work System (PTW)

6.       Certified Lithium Battery Safety competent.

7.       5D (Directional Drilling Design, Display & Database)

8.       Right Start Training of  Operational Hazards & Risks, July 2014