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Elderly Health Care Objectives and References

1. Assess the following for elderly patients:
     a. ADLs and IADLs (Katz 1983)
     b. Cognition (through validated tools)
     c. Medication/supplement safety
     d. Hearing and vision
     e. Mobility and fall risk
     f. Supports & environment
     g. Mood
     h. Presence and type of advanced care planning documents
2. Identify community resources and other interventions to address concerns in these areas.


Recommended Resources Addressing the Objectives
Preventive Activities - Adults (1 page)
Objectives covered: 1cefg
Dickinson J. Preventive activities - Adults. 2014; Available at: Accessed Aug/01, 2014.
The Geriatric Assessment (8 pages)
Objectives covered: 1a-g
Elsawy B, Higgins KE. The geriatric assessment. Am Fam Physician 2011 Jan 1;83(1):48-56.
Advanced care planning documents for seniors (available in both english and french)
Objectives covered: 1h, 2
Additional resources
Information on seniors health - for seniors and families