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Clinical ScenarioObjectives and ReferencesClinical CardsCases
Clinical ScenarioObjectives and ReferencesClinical CardsCases
A00 - Complete Resource Compendium Objectives and References - Full Set Clinical Cards - Full Set  
A01 - Abdominal Pain Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A02 - Anxiety Objectives and References Clinical Card  
A03 - Asthma Objectives and References 4 Clinical Cards  
A04 - Chest Pain Objectives and References 3 Clinical Cards Case(s) 
A05 - Contraception Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A06 - Cough Objectives and References 4 Clinical Cards Case(s) 
A07 - Depression Objectives and References Clinical Card  
A08 - Dizziness Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A09 - Fatigue Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A10 - Fever and Common Infections Objectives and References Clinical Cards Case(s) 
A11 - Headache Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A12 - Hypertension Objectives and References 3 Clinical Cards  
A13 - Ischemic Heart Disease Objectives and References Clinical Card  
A14 - Low Back Pain Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A15 - Palliative Care Objectives and References Clinical Card Case(s) 
A16 - Prenatal Care Objectives and References 5 Clinical Cards Case(s) 
A17 - Diabetes Type 2 Objectives and References Clinical Card  
A18 - Baby/Child/Youth Preventive Care Objectives and References 7 Clinical Cards Cases 
A19 - Adult Female Preventive Care Objectives and References 3 Clinical Cards Case(s) 
A20 - Adult Male Preventive Care Objectives and References 2 Clinical Cards Case(s) 
A21 - Elderly Health Care Objectives and References Clinical Card  
A22 - Joint Pain Objectives and References 4 Clinical Cards  
A23 - Skin Conditions Objectives and References 2 Clinical Cards  
A24 - Pain Assessment & Management Objectives and References 3 Clinical Cards  
Additional Resources  4 Clinical Cards  
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