2016 - Full Set

Editor:  David Keegan
Chief Reviewer: Barbara Lent
Resident Reviewers:  Yan Yu, Lana Fehr
Production Assistant: Katherine Thomas

Click the link below to get the FULL 2016 (Ninth Edition) Canadian Family Medicine Clinical Card set.

** Sometimes people ask why are the cards for different topics set up differently and cover different kinds of material.  The answer is that these clinical cards are NOT meant to teach a topic.  They are meant to cover common areas where clinical learners go wrong, can't miss issues, and provide resources that are handy to have in the care of patients with that particular clinical scenario.

If you want to get comprehensive illumination of each of the topics, please consult the recommended resources under "Objectives & Background Resources" for each topic on the sharcfm.com main page.  Alternatively, you could go to Dynamed - an online evidence-based resource which DOES explore each topic within the same structured framework.  Dynamed does this so well, we could never hope to replicate it.
Katherine Thomas-Brothers,
Oct 24, 2016, 9:49 AM