Palliative Care Case(s)

Virtual Patient case:

Emil is a 72 year old patient in your preceptor's practice with an 8 month history of non small cell lung cancer. His cancer was deemed to be non-curative despite chemotherapy and radiation treatments that finished about six months ago. Your preceptor tells you that Emil is aware of his terminal diagnosis but does not choose to dwell on it. Your preceptor does not feel that there is any denial of his health situation. Fortunately, he has enjoyed a good quality of life thus far despite his limited prognosis. Your preceptor tells you that she has been seeing Emil about once a month to make sure that his symptoms are still manageable. Your preceptor warns you that Emil is a pretty stoic guy who doesn't complain much so you may have to work at getting information from him in order to ensure that he's
coping adequately.

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(case VP-A15-01)