Chest Pain Objectives and References


By the end of the Family Medicine clerkship, a medical student will be able to

    Preamble: The following objectives apply to chest pain presenting in the ambulatory care setting (ie. not an Emergency department).

    1. Conduct a rapid assessment to identify patients requiring emergency care

    2. Describe the family physicians role in the stabilization and initial management of patients identified to require emergent care.

    3. Conduct a focused history (including cardiac risk factors) and a relevant physical exam

    4. Develop a concise differential diagnosis for patients with chest pain including cardiac and non- cardiac causes.

    5. Describe the key clinical characteristics of the following chest pain etiologies: angina, embolism, gastroesophageal reflux, costochondritis, anxiety, pneumonia.


Recommended Resources Addressing the Objectives
Overview of diagnosis and mgmt of acute chest pain in outpatient adults (6 pages)
Objectives covered: all
McConaghy JR, Oza RS. Outpatient diagnosis of acute chest pain in adults. Am Fam Physician 2013 Feb 1;87(3):177-182.
Foundational knowledge
The Calgary Guide - How the five classic cardiac risk factors contribute to atherosclerosis and heart disease:
Additional resources

Chest pain top 10 diagnoses in family medicine + quick clinical pearls (1 page):
Objectives covered: 3 and 4
Ponka D, Kirlew M. Top 10 differential diagnoses in family medicine: chest pain. Can Fam Physician 2007 Dec;53(12):2146.
Instructional videos on conducting a chest examination: 

Medical Council of Canada Objectives on chest pain:

(See other references attached)
brandy olley,
Oct 21, 2009, 8:05 AM
brandy olley,
Oct 21, 2009, 8:05 AM