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Attending the meetings and contributing your energy and ideas from your school or from your community is a great contribution and keeps the testimonies and input from S.H.A.P.P.E. grounded in what is needed by those serving and educating our young people.  A part time stipend and the funds to support the food at the meetings are taken from donations to S.H.A.P.P.E. and through a grant, when possible, entered into with our fiduciary agent the 21st CSF.  Letter for 2017 is below

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your commitment to public education here in Washington DC.  I look forward to working with you throughout the rest of 2016 and though 2017.  We will celebrate our 19thanniversary in February. We are working to preserve and support our publicly funded and managed system of schools in Washington DC as well as to expand the  DCPS high school opportunities. We will continue to do this and to work with and support the ward based education groups.

The founding principle of the Senior High Alliance of Parents Principals and Educators is that in order to be successful, public education must be a cooperative endeavor of students, parents, teachers, administrators, city leaders and our community of neighbors, citizens and partners. We work to strengthen and protect that partnership. The coming year with a new DCPS Chancellor and changing federal leadership presents challenges and opportunities.  

If you are able to contribute toward this effort, your contribution really makes a difference in the work of S.H.A.P.P.E. in 2017. It will be greatly appreciated. While we are working on grant possibilities, your donations are our main support. 

The 21st Century School Fund https://21csf.networkforgood.com/ located at 1816 12th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 is the fiduciary agent as well as a primary partner to S.H.A.P.P.E. Please designate contributions to S.H.A.P.P.E.

Thank you for your support!

Cathy Reilly

Executive Director,


The 21st Century School Fund is the fiduciary agent for S.H.A.P.P.E.  Donations can be made through this website designating S.H.A.P.P.E. https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/ExpressDonation.aspx?ORGID2=522139122&vlrStratCode=h0uTmeD7NVj4OtOGUgdbqdEabTrew13Nt8XVVzXzb10h6JDL2hYviKYXfmXVUP3n