Welcome to 10th Grade Modern World History! This year, we will examine the rise of the modern world and the challenges of the 20th century.  We will use historical texts, art, literature, and creative exploration to discover historical trends.  Last year, you built the foundations of your analytical writing skills.  This year, we will refresh those skills and introduce research techniques.

This website will be your guide for the year! It will include assignments, readings, class discussions, and so much more!

Guiding Questions for the Year

  • What defines global dominance in the modern world?
  • Is nationalism a constructive or a destructive force?
  • What factors create tension that contributes to global conflicts?
  • How has the modern world been defined by people declaring and fighting for their rights?
  • How is our contemporary world impacted by modern world history?
Link to the class blog: http://409forthought.blogspot.com/
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