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  • Bio: I was born in Shandong province, China in 1984. I received my B. S. from Harbin Institute of Technology. In 2014 I finished my Ph. D. study under the supervision of Prof. A. Stephen Morse at Yale University.  I was a visiting scholar in Prof. Brian D. O. Anderson's group at the Australian National University in March 2014. I worked as a postdoc in Prof. Domitilla Del Vecchio's group at MIT from Aug. 2014 to Jul. 2015. Currently I am working as a tenure-track assistant professor at Purdue University.
  • Research interests:  Distributed Control/Optimizations;  Distributed Machine Learning;  Resilience and Cyber-Security.                                                           UAV Design/Control; Multi-Vehicle Collaboration.
  • Publications: Please refer to my GoogleScholar Webpage