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Master David Cheung and Bozidar Gabersek lineage
Master Dejan Mikic and Dusan Radojkovic
chief instructors run this Federation
TWCKF Federation of Serbia is oldest and largest wing chunl organization in Europe, founded by Bozidar Bob Gabesek, first European 6th level Master in William Cheung's organization.

For 30 years through Wing Chun we promote healthy living, self-discipline, motivation, determination and commitment. Many people manage to conquer fear, neutralize stress, physical and intellectual Acquire harmony by practicing Art of Wing Chun. We Administer a safe and relaxed learning environment irrespective of age, gender, size and level of fitness.

Our main goal in training is to increase someones potetial and ability to protect himself with explosive techniques during Confrontation hand to hand in a no-nonsense realistic manner. Although protecting oneself remains a human right, the first rule of true self-defense is to avoid conflict and never deploy your skills indiscriminately. Increased tolerance, self-awareness, assertiveness and the ability to not underestimate others are very important elements for avoiding potentially unpleasant situation.
TWCKF Federation of Serbia is oldest and largest TWC Organisation in Europe, founded by Bozidar Gabesek Bob, first of the European 6th level Master in William Cheung's Organisation.

For 30 years through Wing Chun we promote healthy living, self-discipline, motivation, determination and commitment. Many people manage to conquer fear, neutralize stress, physical and intellectual Acquire harmony by practicing Art of Wing Chun. We Administer a safe and relaxed learning environment irrespective of age, gender, size and level of fitness.

Our main goal in training is to increase someones potetial and ability to protect himself with explosive techniques during Confrontation hand to hand in a no-nonsense realistic manner. Although protecting oneself remains a human right, the first rule of true self-defense is to avoid conflict and never deploy your skills indiscriminately. Increased tolerance, self-awareness, assertiveness and the ability to not underestimate others are very important elements for avoiding potentially unpleasant situation.
Chinese arts in our region there are already several decades ..
At the end of the seventies, particularly 15.01.1979.god, Master B. Gaberšek organized the first Wing Chun Kung Fu Club in Pozarevac who worked within the International Chinese Martial Arts Association.T is the first time that a Chinese exercise skills in Serbia. Since 1982. Mjastor Gabersek at the invitation of William Cheung became his disciple and zvarsava training in Australia under the personal supervision of Grandmaster, and he got the title Majstrosko 6th level and thus became the first European to complete the system Willem Cheung, and also the first master of the traditional Wing Chun in Europe in general.
Organized by B. Gaberšeka and B. Segvic come into Yugoslavia first David Čeung 1988.god in Belgrade, and 1990th year, and William Čeung in Novi Sad. At that time she
At the initiative of the master B. Gaberšeka, masters and Dejan Mikic Radojković Dusan begin work on the expansion of the traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in the country.
In January 1993, organized the first seminar B. Gaberšeka Sport Center in Pozarevac, and also in the following year in January and another athlete who gathered in cities across the country. The now traditional third seminar of January 1995, brought together teams of future trainers and athlete from several cities across the country.
The real boom and media penetration begins after the workshop of William Čeunga 14-16. April 1995 organized by the Holding Company "Stig" and its president, also the president of Yugoslavia Mr TWCKFSaveza Mr. Milan Đuričića, the Sports Center "Pozarevac and TWCKFKluba Pozarevac. The seminar brought together 130 practitioner from 12 cities of Yugoslavia, as well as the athlete from Macedonia. The seminar is based on the current hit Union who are the founders of Club: Pozarevac, Pirot, Ruma, Sremska Mitrovica, Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Kruševac.Sve these clubs were founded by masters and Mikic Radojkovic
Friends of China Association of Serbia and Montenegro and the Sub-WU SHU KUNG FU organized in Belgrade in the sports center "Šumice" in 1996. The first WU SHU game called Chinese greeting spring. The event brought together about 400 practitioner of all styles of kung fu's from Yugoslavia. It is important to note that the outside of our organization participated in over 300 practitioner and confirmed by the fact that Yugoslavia jeT.WCKFSavez the strongest and most numerous kung fu power in the country. For demonstrated skill and commitment in front of Pozarevac TWCKFKlub Union won the gold medal of the Decade of the Chinese culture presented by the First Secretary of the Chinese embassy, Mr. din Li Man Chan of China President of Yugoslavia Societies friend Mr prof. Nikola Radosevic. Prior to the Games Federation chief instructor master Dusan Radojkovic was elected president of WU SHU from Srbije.Bilo Committee was the first time that in Yugoslavia gathered in one place all that mean something and are in the Yugoslav Wu Shu-u.Igre are open to the Yugoslav the Minister of Sport g.Zoran Bingulac Yugoslavia, and China's ambassador to China g.Ču An Kang.
Ninety-sixth year is significant in that it is a Wing Chun became the official art training of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Macedonia. In fact, after the workshop and stay master B. Gaberšeka with his assistants from Yugoslavia and Macedonia in Skopje from 31.05. to 02.06. 1996, Macedonia became the first country in which the Wing Chun officially inducted into the police training program. That same year, and Macedonian Goran Andonov master instructors and Saso Jovanovski held a demonstration at the base UNPROFOR and get a certificate for successful participation.
Decision of the Federal Ministry of Justice of 26.02.1997. However, TWCKFSavez Yugoslavia was officially registered as a social organizacija.Instruktori Union continues to work on expanding and promoting the noble art, so that in the course of the year joined the Union Club and the section from Valjevo, Vranje, Leskovac, Gadzin Hannah and become full members of the Association . Alliance is expanding beyond the borders Yugoslavia to the Bijeljina Tradicionalog opened the first Wing Chun school in the Republic of Serbian Jovana Manojlovic under TWC chief instructor for the Republic of Serbian.
At the initiative of Pozarevac club this year and starts kung fu liga.Kao first step in this is the first federal TWCKFSJ tournament held in Nis 08.11.1997.godine organized TWCKFKluba Zeleznicar Nis which gathered 60 participants from Yugoslavia, the Republic of Serbian and Macedonian. This is the first time in Yugoslavia that took place this ta-kmičenje, which was also the choice of selection, which will continue to do our country's national team to participate in tournaments of this kind, which take place throughout the world.
In 97.godini organized Budo Federation of Yugoslavia, headed by dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, held the first tournament of the Federal nunčaku bats, where they participated in all the Union Club, and won numerous medals and diplomas. Among the judges, in addition to world-renowned master Dejan Milosevic came to the Miomir Lazarevic coach from Nis.
Traditional January seminar is absent or 1998th , but this time organized by the Union and the host: Clubs "Shaolin" from Ruma and Zeleznicar from Nis. Both seminars have brought together 250 practitioner from Yugoslavia, Serbian Republic and Macedonia.
Traditional January seminar is absent or 1998th , but this time organized by the Union and the host: Clubs "Shaolin" from Ruma and Zeleznicar from Nis. Both seminars have brought together 250 practitioner from Yugoslavia, Serbian Republic and Macedonia.
Representative of the Union participated from 24 to 26 07th 1998th as the UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP KUOSHU in Baltimore - Washington DC.-USA, and won two silver medals so worthily represented Serbia in the very tough competition.
In 1999, again at the initiative of the Society of Friends of China in Belgrade on the first day of Chinese spring is held WUSHU II games and the now powerful organization with 15 clubs and over 300 lifters perform in these games as the largest organizations. Games were also opened in the presence of the entire diplomatic corps and the Embassy of China in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Sports.
That same year, The Masters and Mikic Radojkovic go to Ranged seminar in Skopje which Grandmaster William Cheung.
Also this year Republicui Serbian part and a complete alliance suorganizuje big tournament that was personally opened by the Ambassador of China to the Republic of Serbian and Serbian front DPKine R., g.dja Tamamovic milk as well as representatives of the government.
This year is important because with great support and DPKine prof.Nikole Radosevic, Mikic and Rradojkovic for the first time in the country okuplaju all clubs of various styles which are related to Chinese martial arts in one place and after many meetings they pool all of the new covenant lifters of Chinese martial arts. The league then officially register with the Ministry of Justice. The goal and the idea of establishing a union of all lovers of Chinese culture and Chinese martial arts in one place at one firm and organized together for cooperation and omasovljavanja.
The following year, 2000, Alliance is organizing the second international kung fu Cup, and again in the not so far involved over 200 competitors with guests from the Republic of Serbian and Macedonian.
Over the next year in order to spread skills, and be established in every club and societies of friends of China, a series of exhibitions and promotes skills. These years until today Nice new clubs in the following cities: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Bijeljina, Sabac, Print Page, Sremska Mitrovica, Ruma, Valjevo, Nis, Krusevac, Kragujevac, Despotovac Gadzin Han, Vranje, Pirot, Leskovac, Surdilca, Vrsac, Pozarevac, Smederevska Palanka, Smederevo, Kraljevo, Krnjaca and soon was in the plan and Zrenjanin, and Vrnjacka Spa, Trstenik, Knjazevac, Rovinj, Zvecan as well as a number of sections.
Wing Chun Kung Fu Association of Serbia has assumed the character of international organizations by opening clubs in Austria and Sweden, and in the process of establishing a club in Romania
At the international level there is more and constant cooperation with clubs from Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Thailand, and recently we opened the only student club in this style-Linz, Austria and the other in Sweden. One of the coaches is in Montenegro, where he works at the opening of new clubs. We are constantly in touch with the federation headquarters in Melbourne over Gaberseka and through our students Kečić in Chicago in direct connection with Grandmaster William Cheung.
In 2002, Masters and Mikic B. Radojkovic organize seminar Gaberseka and for his efforts on long-range spread across the country the skills and knowledge for pokazanjo 3.majstorski proceeds to rank, also the highest in the country at that time.
In 2003, organized the tournament at the federal level in Belgrade, attended by guests from Macedonia and the Republic of Serbian with a large number of competitors.
The following year, the Belgrade club is also host of a new tournament.
From 2004 until this year organized by the domestic tournament takes Laćarek near Sremska Mitrovica, a tournament the introduction of new disciplines such as formr and chi sao takes on the appearance WUSHU world events.
In 2007 and this year organized and sponsored tournaments svestilska Wushu Association of Vojvodina, Vojvodina, so that our association took part in these tournaments that are held in Vrsac. The number of disciplines and teams thus becomes more widely.

Next year and to this day in every city where there is a club night organized martial arts and our representatives and often the whole league debut as the only martial arts among many Japanese clubs.
As a confirmation of long-range work and a regular call our clubs, particularly in Pozarevac club to play in the Pioneer Hall every year since the event and there, 2003 and to date, the only Chinese boruilacka skills.
This year, except we played and our friends from the Tai Chi Chuan Club in Belgrade and a special honor for us was the game opened the cultural attaché of the Embassy of China Mr Lju Ljo Hong and Professor. Nikola Radosevic front DPKine
This year we are attractive to us nastip get a gold medal from the organizers
In recent years, Mikic and Radojkovic are invited by the International Combat Union organization that represents more than 30 countries, as well as the representatives of Kung Fu in Serbia, as the sole representatives of the Chinese arts, among many Japanese skills, so in many international seminars multidisciplinatnim representing Chinese art and Chinese culture in general.
Celinini alliance and individual members maintain contacts with Chinese martial arts masters around the world.
Mikic i Radojkovic su medju prvima u Yugoslaviji koji su izdali knjigu koja se bavi Kung Fu vestinom , u kojoj su prvi put na nasim prostorima prezentovali ne samo vestinu , vec dali i prikaz Kineske istorije u kontekstu nastanka vestine , kao i uticaj Kineske kulture ,filozofije,i religije na razvoj ne samo borilackih vestina vec i na na najveci deo Azijskog kontinenta . Rad Mikica i Radojkovica se nastavlja kroz serije tekstova u razlictim casopisima koji se bave borilackim vestinama . Clan saveza Vladimir Zlatic je objavljivao tekstove u nekoliko razlicitih casopisa pokusavajuci da citalstvo u Srbiji upozna sa bogastvom borilackih stilova Kine , takodje je na internetu objavio veci deo jedne od dve knjige u pripremi , koje se bave , jedna specificno istorijom i filozofijom Wing Chun stila , a druga opstom istorijom Kineskih borilackih vestina i glavnim karakteristikama najpoznatijih stilova Kung Fu-a .
Trenutno je T.W.C.K.F.S.S. najbrojnija državna organizacija u našoj zemlji koja zastupa Kineske vestine i kulturu uopste .U 2008. godini savez je aktivan na vise polja , i pored rada na otvaranju novih klubova , i redovnog ucesca na ICU seminarima , radi se aktivno na populariziaciji i sirenju. vestine . Od znacajnih dogadjaja moze se izdvojiti semianr odrzan 25. Maja u Beogradu, u organizaciji Tradicionalnog Wing Chun Kung Fu Savez Srbije , na celu sa Mikic Dejanom I Radojkovic Dusanom . Seminar je izuzetno dobro organizovan , i odlicno posecen , i gde su pored predstavnika Wing Chun klubova sa teritorije cele drzave ucestvovali i gosti iz drugih borilackih vestina koji su svojim demonstracija doprineli odlicnoj atmosferi na seminaru , upoznali nas sa njihovim vestinama i u isto vreme bili u prilici da se upoznaju sa Wing Chun vestinom . Pored predstavnika "ICU" , predsednika Borisa Krivokapica 8. Dan Hapkikwan, i Srdjana Ratkovica 5.Dan Ju Jutsu , ucestvovali su i predstavili svoje vestine i Radojica Spasovic 8.Dan Realni Aikido , Krav Maga klub iz Beograda pod vodjstvom Manojlovic Jovana, glavni instruktor Srpskog IKMF-a ,Nan Chuan, Sanda, Chin Na pod vodjstvom Majstora Chen Yong Minga i Majstora Peršaj Ivana i Eskrima klub “Tatang” pod vodjstvom Majstora Sucevic Igora .
Radnom delu seminara je prisustvovalo oko 130 ljudi , ne racunajuci demo timove i gledaoce . Pored TWC-a , na seminaru je bilo prilike da se vezbaci upoznaju i sa dva druga stila Wing Chun-a. Prvi je Weng Chun stil Andreasa Hofmana , ciju je prezentaciju uradio majstor Zeljko Popovic . Drugi stil je Wing Tsun , ciju je prezentaciju odradio Sifu Rudolf Kerekes , zvanicni predstavnik EBMAS federacije za Srbiju, kome se ovom prilikom zahvaljujem ,ne samo na odlicnom predstavljanju svoje vestine , vec i na nesebicnoj podrsci oko organizovanja seminara.Iako su ovi stilovi Wing Chun-a potpuno razliciti od TWC-a bilo je zaista zanimljivo ne samo pogledati , vec i odraditi nekoliko tehnika .
30.juna svecano je otvorena izlozba kineske grafike . Izlozbu je otvorio Kineski ambasador u prisustvu ostalih zvanicnika Kineske ambasade .Predstavnici Tradicionalnnog Wing Chun Kung Fu saveza Srbije, ciji je dugogodisnji rad i predanost na sirenju kung fu vestine prepoznat i priznat , su pozvani na otvaranje izlozbe od strane atasea za kulturu i sport republike Kine i drustva prijatelja Kine
Svakako najznacajniji dogadjaj u 2008. godini je seminar Majstora David-a Cheung-a , koji odrzan pocetkom Novembra meseca u Velikom Gradistu . Na seminaru je postignut dogovor sa Majstorom David-om o nastavku saradnje i dajem radu saveza po njegovom sistemu .U Sportskom Centru “Pozarevac” 11, aprila od 10 do 14.00h, Sifu Djordjevic Vladan iz Svajcarske je odrzao (kao gest dobre volje i prijatelstva sa Majstorom Mikicem) Chi Sao seminar Yip Chun-ovog wing chun sistema kao i prikaz odbrane od kruznih i direktnih udarca rukom i suteva nogom. Radili su se i chi sao drilovi, odnosno kako zapoceti chi sao i kako navesti protivnika na greske koje bi se iskoristile i okrenuli protiv samog napadaca. Sifu Djordjevic pripada drugoj generaciji ucenika Grandmastera Yip Chuna (sina Yip Mana), i ovo je retka prilika da se vidi jedan drugaciji sistem Wing Chuna, koji ne postoji na nasim prostorima. Ovo je ujedno i prvi korak zvanicne saradnje Sveza i Svajcarske skole, a u narednom periodu se ocekuje uzvratna poseta gostovanje predstavnika Saveza u njihovim skolama.

U popodnevnim casovima se odrzao TWC seminar iz dva dela. Prvi deo seminra je rezervisan samo za trenere i obuhvata primenjene tehnike leptir maceva i duge (“zmajeve”) motke. Drugi deo je za asistente i obuhvata objasnjenje principa rada na drvenoj lutki kao i prakticnu primenu tehnika drvene lutke, sa i bez partnera. Pocetnicima je odrzan kurs kompletne (“od glave do pete”) samoodbrane od svih realnih “ulicnih” situacija po principima primnejenog wing chuna. Osim glavnih instruktora, pojedine kurseve vodice Instruktori Stankovic Dejan, Rajkovic Nenad, Stokic Bojan, Martinovic Aleksandar i Vavic Irena. Obavezni deo za sve ucesnike bice chi kung vezbe za poboljsanje zdravlja i jacanje organizma kao i borbeni chi kung iz Shao Lin seta tzv. “celicne kosulje”.
TWC semiar je besplatan i zatvorenog je tipa , rezervisan samo za trenere i asistente saveza.

Posle seminara je odrzana godisnja Skupstina saveza i donet plan rada za ovu godinu kojim je obuhvacena organizacija seminara Willama Cheunga, Bozidara Gaberseka, Davida Cheunga, Tony Whitea i Didier Beddara. Rzmatrace se i gostovanje predstavnika Saveza, tj. prihvatanje poziva za gostovanje i odrzavanje seminara u Austriji kao i prihvatanje poziva za gostovanje u skoli francuskog Majstora Didier Beddara. Ovom prilikom bice iznet predlog klubovima o osnivanju Balkanske asocijacije wing chun saveza sa Makedonijom, Bosnom, Crnom Gorom, Slovenijom i Hrvatskom.

Ovim gostovanjem majstora druge linije Wing Chuna, se sticu nova iskustva i uporedjivanje nase linije sa drugim granama wing chuna. Pogresno je uvek raditi samo sa svojim okruzenjem , odbacujuci druge linije, jer se stvara lazna sigurnost, samoizolovanost pa u neku ruku i neka vrsta sektastva koja radja narcisoidnost. Savez je oduvek bio otvoren za saradnju sa drugim vestinama, sto svedoci i prijateljstvo sa predstavnicima drugih vestina. Sama vestina treba da se razvije i neguje a praksa je jedini kriterijum istinitosti. Koristi od ovakvih susreta su obostrani jer svako moze da proveri sebe i samim tim vise da ceni vestinu koju uci. Naravno ako nesto “ne radi u praksi” ne treba kriviti vestinu vec poboljsati sebe. Gostovanje su potvrdile skole: EBMAS Pancevo, Wang Kiu Wing Chun, Wing Tsun Atletske Asocijacije Srbije, Tingove, Wong Shun Leungove, Cheungove, Segviceve i Gabersekove (Pozarevac, V. Gradiste, Nis, Vranje, Kraljevo-2 kluba, Trstenik, Knjazevac, Prokuplje, Uzice, Lacarak, Sabac, Valjevo -2 kluba, Pancevo, Krnjaca, Beograd, Knjazevac i Zajecar) kao i brojni pojedinci iz vise gradova Srbije.Predstavnici Saveza dobili su ponudu i poziv od Majstora Djoreta Kostevskog da budu gosti na seminaru GM Williama Cheunga u Skoplju u 11. i 12. maja 2009.
Predstavnici Saveza pozvani su da odrze prezentaciju wing chuna na seminaru Beogradskog Saveza borilackih vestina i sportova 18.05.2009.
Savez je pozvan na turnir u Tuzli 30.maja.2009 gde bi se ujedno odrzala osnivacka konferencija Balkanske Wing Chun unije zajedno sa Bosanskim i Makedonskim Savezima.U Kraljevackim Tradicionalnim Wing Chun kung fu klubovima “TAO” i “SEI MUN” odrzan je dvodnevni Savezni seminar pod vodjstvom glavnih instruktora Saveza Mikic Dejana i Radojkovic Dusana. Seminaru je prisustvovalo 40 ucesnika iz Kraljeva, Kosovske Mitrovice, Zvecana, Beograda, Nisa, Pozarevca, Vrnjacke Banje, Ribnice i Trstenika. Od tehnika radjen je Chi Kung, samoodbrana od palice, noza i pistolja, ukrsteni , paralelni, jednorucni i dvorucni dogovoreni i slobodni chi sao, samoodbrana za pocetnike, primena tehnika drvene lutke i prikaz tehnika drvene motke i leptir maceva kao i obuka trenera u Chum Kill formi, sa primenom.Koristimo ovu priliku da se zahvalimo nasim domacinima u Velikom Gradistu na izuzetnom gostoprimstvu i saradnji sa TWC Savezom Srbije. Majstor Aikidoa Sasa Stanojevic svojom idejom i pozivom na druzenje, osim ustupanja sale i celog kompleksa, omogucio nam je po vrlo povoljnim uslovima izuzetan dozivljaj, kao sto je krstarenje Dunavom, luksuznim brodom restoranom. Takodje se zahvaljujemo vlasniku broda g.dinu Stokic Ljubisi na gostoprimstvu i uslovima koje nam je obezbedio. Naime visegodisnja praksa Saveza je da, osim radnog dela koji je takodje bio besplatan, svim ucesnicima obezbedi prijateno druzenje i sadrazje koji ce im ostati u secanju. Nadamo se da su svi ponesto naucili, dopunili svoju vestinu i poneli prijatne utiske iz Velikog Gradista.

Sto se tice radnog dela seminara, cilj je bio da se vestine wing chuna i aikidoa priblize jedna drugoj i da se dopune medjusobno. Pocetna ideja je bila da se razliciti napadi blokiraju i kontriraju wing chun blokovima i kretanjem, zatim da se nastavi dovodjenjem oponenta u polugu, da bi iz te tacke nastavak pruzili ekspertima za te stavari kao sto su Majstori Aikidoa, koji bi nastavili prekinutu tehniku i zavrsili konacnim bacenjem, fiksacijom i kontrolom oponenta do partera. Ovakav vid saradnje je uvek moguc i sa drugim vestinama i stilovima, ako sujeta majstora nije velika i ako svi shvate da nijedan stil nije savrsen kao i da niko nije nepobediv.


seminar Aikido i wing chun

Deatlji sa seminar u Velikom Gradistu, leptir macevi i motka

Na ovogodisnjem 11. po redu, vec tradicionalnom ICU seminaru, koji se odrzao 14.06.2009 u Beogradunastupilo je oko 80 ucesnika. TWC Savez predstavljali su klubovi i sekcije: Pozarevac, Beograd, Kraljevio 2 kluba, Bare, V.Gradiste, Lacarak i Prokuplje. Takodje iz wing chun stila bili su prisutni nasi uvek dragi gosti iz Panceva, predstavnici EBMAS organizacije na celu sa Majstorom Rudolfom Kerekesom i predstavnici Ving Tsun skole na celu sa Marjanom Arenovim, kao i pojedinci iz wing chun klubova iz Novog Sada i S.Mitrovice.

Svoju prvu i veoma zapazenu prezentaciju odbrane od noza odrzao je Sensei Slavko Sekulic, Majstor jujitse iz Novog Sada., Standardni nastup i prezentacije odrzali su: ispred TWC Saveza Srbije Majstori Mikic i Radojkovic, ispred Hapkikwan kluba prof. Boris Krivokapic, ispred Aikido klubova Majstor Goran Sturanovic, ispred jujitsu klubova iz Vrsca, Majstor Srdjan Ratkovic, ispred Ninjutsu klubova Majstor Mirko Ostojic. Na seminaru su uzeli ucesce i predstavnici skole borilackih vestina na celu sa Majstorom Draganom Simicem iz Kovina kao i predstavnici ITF tekvondo Saveza.

Zahvaljujemo se svim ucesnicima koji su se odazvali masem pozivu i uzeli ucesce u ovom velikom dogadjaju. Posle seminara za sve ucesnike bili organizovan je koktel u prostorijama skole. Na sastanku svih prisutnih trenera raspravljalo se o daljem radu Federacije, prijemu novih clanova i planovima za velike medjunarodne seminare u toku ove i naredne godine.

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