Shaohui Lin (林绍辉)


School of Computer Science and Technology

East China Normal University (ECNU)

Address: B615, Science Building, East China Normal University,

No.3663, North Zhongshan Road, 200062 Shanghai, P.R. China


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About me

Shaohui Lin is currently a Researcher and a Zijiang Young Scholar in the School of Computer Science and Technology, East China Normal University (ECNU). I received Ph.D. from Xiamen University under the supervision of Prof. Rongrong Ji. After that, I joint the Department of Computer Science at National University of Singapore as a postdoc researcher, working with Angela Yao. . My research specialty is computer vision, machine learning and deep learning, especially compression and speeding-up of large capacity models.

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  • [2022.05.15] 1 paper accepted by ICML 2022. Congratulation to Haiyan and Yingqi.

  • [2022.03.02] 1 paper accepted by CVPR 2022. Congratulation to Mengtian.

  • [2021.04.29] 3 papers accepted by IJCAI 2021. Congratulation to Chengwei, Yanbo, Xuncheng.

  • [2021.03.01] 3 papers accepted by CVPR 2021. Congratulation to Yuchao, Xudong and Haiyan.

  • [2020.07.03] 2 papers accepted by ECCV 2020. Congratulation to Yuchao, Huixia and Chenqian.

  • [2019.03.12] 1 paper accepted by TNNLS.

  • [2019.03.02] 2 papers accepted by CVPR 2019.

  • [2018.9.15] 1 paper accepted by T-PAMI.

  • [2018.4.20] 1 paper accepted by IJCAI 2018.



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Thesis (Ph.D):

  1. Shaohui Lin. Research on Deep Neural Networks Compression and Acceleration. [Paper-Chinese]


Reviewer (for journal): IEEE Transactions on Pattern analysis and Machine intelligence (TPAMI), International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning System (TNNLS), IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM), Pattern Recognition (PR), Neural Networks, Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTA)

Reviewer (for conference): CVPR 2020, ACCV 2020, NeurIPS 2020, AAAI 2021, ICML 2021, ICCV 2021

Senior Program Committee members (SPC): IJCAI 2021

Honors and awards

  • Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Nomination Award, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), 2020

  • Excellent Ph.D Thesis Award, Fujian, 2019

  • Outstanding Ph.D Graduate Student, 2019

  • National Ph.D. Fellowship, 2018

  • “Ge Jiashu” Scholarship, Xiamen University, 2017

  • Outstanding Graduate Student, 2011