There's a Hamster in my Lunchbox

October 14, 2009

Dear readers,

My book’s title is There’s a hamster in my lunchbox. The book is by Susan Clymer. I think it is realistic fiction because one day you might find a hamster in your lunchbox.

The main character of my story is Elizabeth, a fourth grader. During a Halloween party she finds a hamster in the classroom and keeps it as the class pet. She tries to figure out who put it there. One day she hears footsteps and runs to see if he was the one who put the hamster there. But he was too fast for her and she couldn’t catch him. The only clue she had was a note that he left that said, “My name is Squeaks. I am a 6-week-old Teddy Bear Hamster.” She looked and looked and kept the hamster at home for a long, long time. Can you help her find out who put the hamster there?

It is a great mystery! Read it.