Bore Goats

               of Texas   


    Our Star Studded:  Buckshot 

Sire - RRD Brass Shot

Dam -Tc1W215 Red

He is one of the Premier Breeding Bucks in the industry today. 

Seamen available at only $50 a straw.

#1 If you are looking for color in your herd or ring !!

#2 If you want long bodies and are showing Does & Weathers

#3 If you want the best blood line in the industry

  Well Buckshot's the one for you!!

 Buckshot was purchased March 16 2007, at the Rocking R Dispersal Sale in West Monroe, La.  At that time we knew we had something special.  He had proven himself already in the ring and in the Ryal's herd as a young stud buck.  We brought Buckshot to Texas hoping that he would do the same for us.  It wasn't long before we started receiving calls from other people that purchased Does at the same sale.  The news was great!  Within 5 months after the purchase, many off spring were in state fairs. Champions and Reserved Champions!  We were estatic!!  We are now seeing it in a lot of our March kids.  Just take a look at some of his kids. 


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