Bore Goats

                       Of Texas

A Little About Us  

 Deep in the heart of Texas, in 1987 Shan Tu Farms was founded by Dennis and Jannite Clifton.  At that time they were just getting into the cattle business.  They started raising Brangus Cattle and 5 years later the Angus Breed.  But they didn't have any Grand Children interested in showing their young calves. In 1997, their son married and 2 years later  had a beautiful baby girl.  Then the question was asked, Do you think Alyssa will want to show calves?  I thought long and hard.  It was decided she might get hurt, my wife was not raised around any kind of farm animals.  After a few years Alyssa's Daddy found an animal that she could handle.  One day when Alyssa was about 3 years old, her Daddy was sneaky and bought a goat with two kid at her side.  Now, four years later Dad and Son got in the  Boer Goat business together.  Two gaurd dogs were purchased.  The heard is growing rapidly with the purchase of Buckshot.  Each year we hope to improve are herd.  We are always looking to purchase young does.    



About Buckshot





  Of course, if you are serious about the business you know Goats can cost a lot of money;  feed, hay, worming, and other items.  This year we invested in learning about A.I. and how to administer.  Now we have purchased a Preg Tone and know how to use it!

Our knowledge in A.I. assists us with managing our herd. Knowing when the does are bred and knowing when to expect new kids takes out the guess work.  But Buckshot sure doesn't like his does taken away from him!! Buckshot out and about !