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Events of last 30 days at Shanthidam

The residents of Shanthidham celebrated the 10th Anniversary.

The Trustees and relatives of the residents were present in large numbers (68)

The program commenced with the inauguration of "Shanthipath" - walking zone for the residents and "Shanthi Vatika" a park for their usage. The inaugural lamp was lighted and the invocation song was sung by Mrs seethalaxmi (78yrs) followed by Welcome song - composed and sung by Mrs Shakunthala (85yrs). 

Veena Recital by Smt KN Sumitra (68 yrs) Mrs Prema Venkat (63ys) and Mrs P Laxmi (86yrs) enthralled the audience.Kannada & Bengali Song by the residents, Flute by Mr Anil Sharma (74yrs), Harmonica by Mr Venkatesh (68yrs) were presented. 

The highlight of the event was presentation of a drama depicting different characters - Preeth, Kushi, Dukhi, Garv, Dhani, Gyan and Kaal (Time) which portrayed the present scenario of day today life.

Tribute to Mahavir Jain was presented in song form - composed and sung by Mrs Vanaja Ramachandra (Age 66yrs)

The Trustees while presenting the prizes to the participants, appreciated their active life and the efforts put in by the staff. Residents and their Relatives too spoke very high about Shanthidham management and the residents.

Delicious and sumptuous Lunch with sweet was served to all present. A Video of the environment and activities of the residents was also viewed with appreciation.

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krishnamohan kumar,
Aug 16, 2010, 10:12 PM
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Aug 16, 2010, 9:33 PM