Shanthidham Foundation - A Charitable Institute founded in 2001

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The dawn of the new millinnieum created awareness among twelve like minded women, about the need to set up a home for the senior citizens who due to various reasons would opt to live seperatedly from their families. Such a home would not only bring together the elderly people but would also provide them peace and relaxation after a very strenous life. Thus the birth of this new old age home known as Shanthidham Senior Citizens' Resort took place on 21st January, 2001 at 23rd Km Kanakpura Road, Bangalore. The Twelve Founder members were : - 1) Mrs. Tara Ashok Kumar Bhurat  2) Mrs. Prabha Suresh 3) Mrs. Sudha S Raju 4) Mrs. Asha Govindaraju 5) Mrs. Rani Sureshji Jain 6) Mrs.  Manju Prasanchandji Bhandari 7) Mrs. Kusum Jayanthilalji Mardia 8) Mrs Vimala Kamalchandji Siphani 9) Mrs. Lalitha Mahavirchandji Marlecha 10) Mrs. Pramila Bhandari 11) Mrs. Manjula Chenrajji Jain and 12)  Mrs. Ugama Jaswantji Dugar

The response from the public was heartening and so also from other like minded women who too joined the Shanthidham Foundation as its Trustees. Today there are 38 Trustee members - all Ladies The 26 other trustees are as follows: 1) Smt Asha Sureshchanji Bhandari 2) Smt Bhawari Bai Parasmalji Bhansali 3) Smt Bimla Shantilalji Shand 4) Smt Gunavanthi Jayantilalji Gadiya 5) Smt Indira Sampathrajji Gadia 6) Smt Kantha Ranjit Kumarji Parekh 7) Smt Kiran Balchandji Jain 8) Smt Lalitha Fatehrajji Singhavi 9) Smt Lalitha Mahavirchandji Bhandari 10) Smt Madhu Arvind Doshi 11) Smt Madhu Nandkishoreji Samdariya 12) Smt Padmabai Gouthamchand Kothari 13) Smt Archandevi Dilip Kumar Surana 14) Smt Padma Mahaveerji Pokharna 15) Smt Padmabai Gouthamchand Kothari 16) Smt Pushpa Phoolchandji Parwal 17) Smt Raj Jaichanji Jain 18) Smt Saku Rameshji Bohra 19) Smt Sarla Devi Dinesh Kumariji Lunia 20) Smt Shobha Rameshchandji Nahar 21) Smt Susheela Shantilalji Nagori 22) Smt Sushila Babulalji Ranka 23) Smt Uma Rameshji Sankhla 24) Smt Vimla Manoharmalji Bhandari 25) Smt Bhavari Devi Champallji Bhandari and 26) Smt Anitadevi Rajendra Kumarji Jain 

With the passage of time, it was felt that if at anytime, due to oldage any of the residents become bedridden or if they need to be hospitalized, then Shanthidham must be prepared to take care of them and as such a Hospital complex was built within the campus, which has commenced functioning since September, 2007


The Active members who comprise of the Management Committee for the year 2010 -11 are : 1) Mrs Pramila Uttamchandji Bhandari 2) Mrs. Tara Ashok Kumar Bhurat  3) Mrs. Madhu Arvind Doshi  4) Mrs. Kusum Jayanthilalji Mardia and 5) Smt Uma Rameshji Sankhla