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Why Shanthidham?  

Apart from the scenic beauty, convenient and comfortable rooms and nourishing food, the greatest asset and attraction of Shantidham are its residents, most of whom are highly educated and cultured. Why have these eminent people chosen to stay here for the rest of their lives? Is it due to neglect by their children or the fact of their children being abroad? No,  most of the residents have filial and loving children who want their parents to stay with them. But the parents want to enjoy the benefits of Vanaprasthashrama combined with modern facilities! The men folk are tired of the responsibility of running a home and the women want to be free from the drudgery of the kitchen. Moreover, the modern and educated senior citizens want their children to run their own homes as they think fit, uninterrupted by their elders' interference. There is today a widening cultural gap between the elderly and the young generation. Elders too do not feel comfortable living with the young, whose tastes, habits, and even language of speech are different from those to which they have been accustomed in their lives.
Unbelievable  but true, at Shanthidham  a joint family comprising  of 13 brothers and 27 sisters live  together happily and are always ready to help one another

Charges of Stay

Short Stay:  Rs 400/- per day only

        Rs 8000/- per Month

Life Long Stay

Rs 4500/- p.m. in a four bedded Room
        Rs.5200/- p.m. in a two bedded Room
Admission  Chgs : Rs.5000/-

Refundable Security Deposit :

Rs 25000/- for four bedded Room
        Rs.35000/- for Two bedded Room

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