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Wedding Invitation

posted Oct 21, 2011, 3:41 PM by Shanshan Xu   [ updated Nov 20, 2011, 10:25 PM ]

Our wedding invitation is ready to send! This is our first big achievement of our wedding project. All are hand made by the bride and the groom. We are so proud of ourselves. 

Logo:  Ginkgo Leaf
I was inspired by the ginkgo leaf. I love its beautiful unique fan-shape. So 
aesthetically-pleasing. I chose persimmon red (red + orange) to get the warm and vivid tone. It was our first design for our wedding. Surprisingly, we realized we have a beautiful ginkgo tree in the front yard of our new home. It is amazing that my fantasy is the reality!

Envelope:  Persimmon Red
I can not find any other color better than persimmon red to be the envelope. Red is a pleasing color in Chinese culture and can match the wedding logo. Another design which we are proud of is custom stamps and cancellation. We chose some pictures in the US, Canada, Japan and Italy, where we traveled, to be the stamps. Through the attractive scenery, you will feel our happy moments and precious experience when we relaxed and explored with joy. For our destination wedding, we created a cancellation with Hong Kong. 

Liner and Sash:  Snow White
The fine paper makes such decoration in the invitation. Elegant and delicate. 

I spent much time to think about all the fine details of the invitation, even the seal of the envelope. When I see the final invitation card in my hand, I think it was worth it. Justin is the person who always makes my dream come true. He did the printing and used Photoshop to create the images. I think we are good teammates!

Here is the finished product.