Ozark Breezes

Shannon is also the author of Ozark Breezes
a book of poems.

Through the years I've self-published several small volumes of my poetry under the title of OZARK BREEZES.  These are currently out of print but occasionally available online.  I've included these two covers here, because my son Jared assisted me in their creation, and I'm very proud of our efforts.  The above cover features my '41 Chevy, one of our Scotties, and yours truly, warming up by the wood range in my shop. I wrote much of my novel here in my shop. I suppose you could call it a writer's studio, but that would be a stretch!

The good ol' summertime!  This cover features, besides my Chevy and some pups of course, my wife Robin, my nephew Justin, and Jared and Cassie prepared for an afternoon at the swimming hole. Given the slightest encouragement, I'll gladly include some of the poems from these volumes on my poetry pages, but I'm not going to bother unless somebody asks.