Casebeer/Rickard Photos


My great granddad, Calvin Casebeer, served the Union during the Civil War, and brought the family to Missouri in 1885.  It is commonly believed that, following his arrival in the Ozarks, Calvin became a circuit rider.  What exactly that means, I'm not entirely certain.  He may have been a preacher, spreading the Good News through the Ozark hills on horseback. Calvin passed away in 1907, and Cassie passed away in 1915. This photo of Calvin (I know of only two others) was rediscovered in an old trunk in the 1980s.  The original, about the size of a fifty cent piece, was saved for posterity, carefully preserved in the gutted case of an old pocket watch.  I would estimate that this photograph was taken around 1900.

Calvin Casebeer (with the beard) with his brothers and sisters, during a family reunion in the 1890s. I'll add all the names later.  I know because of cousin Reba's book, "Casebeers In America" that Calvin and his brother John, to his left, both served during the Civil War, and both were injured during the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863.

Calvin Casebeer and wife, Cassie (Catherine) Arrants Casebeer, Houston Missouri, around 1900
Calvin, Cassie and their children arrived in Texas County Missouri in 1885.  The above photo was taken in Houston. We can only guess at the occasion, possibly an anniversary. They would celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary in 1902.

Adam Casebeer, 1809 to 1889,  Calvin's father,  my great great grandfather.
Adam was born in Tuscarawas County Ohio, and moved to Defiance County Ohio in 1845.  When Adam succumbed to paralysis in 1889, his eulogy, by Reverend Colgan at the methodist episcopal Church, stated that Adam was a respected member of the community and a devout Christian.
Cassie and some of her boys, Possibly taken in 1907 following Calvin's funeral: front row: Joy and Cassie. back row: Otis Virgil (Bird), Harry (Touge), Tommy Leroy (TR), & Eber

I'm estimating that Vernie (in Besssie's lap) is around 2 years of age in this photo. And the people appear to be wearing the same clothes as in the photo above, at the funeral, so I will guess that this photo too was taken on the day of Calvin Casebeer's funeral in 1907. The other children belong to Eber and Jane Casebeer.  front row: Jane and Eber's kids, Ralph, Abbie, Lena, Mattie, Mabel, Hester.  second row: Jane & Eber's twins, Leigh and Millard, fourth row: Tom, Bessie with little Vernie, my great grandma Cassie Arrants Casebeer, & Joy. back row: Otis Virgil, Jane, Eber & baby Craig, Harry, and the gentleman on the end may be either Howard Ladell (Dell) or Lewis Porter.

 My grandma Casebeer's parents, Edgar and Emma Tobias Rickard, at their home at Dykes Missouri.
After Emma's passing, Edgar lived at the home at Dykes with son Harry.  My dad tells of occasional stays with his grandpa Edgar and uncle Harry, remembering that Edgar would prepare a big pot of brown beans on the old wood range, early in the week, and he and the boys would enjoy leftovers till the following weekend.  I've been in the old Rickard home at Dykes, and recall a Casebeer/Rickard family reunion at the Dykes church, just across the road from the Rickard place, and the family reunion  which took place in September of 1983, under the big old Hickory tree that shaded the yard of the old home place. Since those days, a tornado has taken the old church, and the old home stands in the last stages of abandonment and decay, testament to a distant day, when Harry, Lola, Clifford and Bessie played marbles on the weathered board porch, as Edgar and Emma applauded their efforts from the kitchen door.

Dad's mom's mom, my great grandmother, Emma Tobias Rickard

My grandma Casebeer, Bessie Rickard Casebeer as a little girl, around 1890.

class photo from 1903.  Bessie Rickard is third from left in back row and sister, Lola Rickard is fifth from the left in the second row.

Grandma Bessie washing clothes in the new machine

Tommy Leroy Casebeer, probably around 1900

Assuming this is their wedding photo, this is Tom and Bessie in 1906

Dad's sister Macie Casebeer Smart with daughter Barbara, Hobert Smart, Tom Casebeer & Gayle

Tom Casebeer arriving for a visit in California

Tom Casebeer and daughter Macie, at a lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where Tom served for a time as caretaker

Tom Casebeer at his home in Upton, Missouri, across the street from the store.

Tom Casebeer at the home of his son, Vernie, taken by my mother in 1951

Carl and Leo
Thats the store at Upton behind them.  This photo would have been taken around 1935

My dad, Leo Casebeer

Vernie, Ned, Leo, Edgar, Carl, Vernie's son Courtney Gayle, & Gayle
Dad says this was taken while he was in the CCC camp.  He's wearing his CCC outfit.
Photo can be dated by determining Courtney's age.

Gathering at Dykes Church.  Names to follow; I'll need some help.
Front row: Faye, ?, Juanita, Hildegarde, Clara, Pearl, ?
Back row: Vernie, ?, Elam, Alice?, Carl, Tom, Ned, Gayle, Floyd, Claude 

Leo Don Casebeer

Leo Casebeer in uniform

And again

This photo was taken at the home of Vernie and Faye Casebeer by my mother during a visit to Missouri by she and Dad in May of 1951. I would be born in December. Tom Casebeer would pass away in his sleep in December of the following year. (1952) Note: When my mom contacted my granddad Casebeer to inform him that I had been named Shannon Thomas Casebeer, after him, he thanked Mom for the kind gesture, but informed her that his name was not Thomas, but just plain Tommy or Tom.
Front row: Carl, Courtney, Leo, Tucker
Back row: Tom, Vernie, Ned, Uncle Roy with Ronnie on shoulders, Floyd, Clara, Sue, Roberta peeking through, Lola (Bessie's sister), Juanita, and Faye
Someone please correct me if this isn't correct.