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Another Shameless Plug

This is a another shameless plug for my historical novel, OBIE'S QUEST.

Here's an excerpt: "That little red-headed temptress whizzed tirelessly and elegantly around the room, frock flying and pigtails trailing, and I galloped happily at her side, like a gangly pup, thoroughly enraptured, in a state of perfect bliss!  We alabamed right and alabamed left, and dosiedoed around that barn for the better part of an hour, and all at once I became aware that my poor feet were throbbing madly in those new boots, and several of my toes were clearly in tremendous distress!  Just then, the little red haired girl turned hard a starboard and we prominaded through the back door of that ol' barn and out into the dark emptiness of the dimly moonlit corral beyond. A thousand breathtaking possibilities flooded my mind and weakened both my knees.  And then, as I wrapped my arms around that warm, moist, gingham-clad form, and her sweet, cider-scented breath filled my nostrils, a milking stool came down on my head and the darkness took me in and swallowed me up!"

A bit about the book's cover: The little fella with the overalls on the cover, is my granddad Daniels with his family, below him is his mom and dad, and the two gentlemen to his right are his granddad Camp at the bottom, and his granddad Daniels at the top.  Of course they're my family too, and although I wasn't blessed to get acquainted with all of them, I'm mighty proud to have them as my ancestors! I'm also very proud of my son Jared, who assisted me in creating this cover.