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Each and every day, each and every one of us, regardless of our circumstances, has a choice.

We can squander our time fingering old welts, second guessing past decisions,

and tormenting ourselves over the poor choices of others;

or we can embrace a new day brimming with opportunities for doing justly, loving mercy,

and building foundations for a bright new tomorrow.

Time is precious. Choose wisely.


When those about us languish

In a sullen sea of doubt,

And the whole world seems in anguish,

And hope, nowhere about;

Its then faith burns most brightly

With conviction’s brilliant glow,

While fears retreat contritely,

Vanquished by the confidence we know.

 For our hope is not in inner strength,

Nor conceit at honors won.

Our valor, not doomed to fail at length,

Our victory, not contingent on what we’ve done.

Our joy is not reliant

On some gallantry we’ve shown.

We’ve no need to be compliant

To some distant impropriety we’ve known.

For our strength is in humility,

Not some valiant course we’ve trod,

But in simply doing justly,

Loving mercy, serving God.


This is probably a perfect time to once again share my testimony. I'm a proud American and an unapologetic follower of Christ.  I believe in doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God, And I respect the rights of others to walk with theirs. I'm blessed to be a citizen of a country that cherishes and upholds the principles of liberty and justice for all. We cherish our diversity, and its our diversity that keeps America strong. As a follower of Christ, I'm not called to force others to conform to my view of morality. I'm called to walk the path I'm given, in the light I'm given, and to share that light with those who choose to share it.  If you glimpse in any of my humble and imperfect efforts the reflection of a merciful and compassionate savior, and follow Christ as a result, I'm gratified.  If not, that's my shortcoming, not yours.  SC    


Faith alone won’t keep us warm,
Or shelter us from rain.
Through faith we see beyond the storm.
We glimpse blue skies again.

Faith doesn’t keep the storms away.
The clouds aren’t really gone.
Through faith we smile anyway.
Through faith we carry on.

Faith doesn’t promise fairness,
Or excuse how others live,
But faith can bolster empathy.
Through faith we can forgive.

Like love, faith hopes, faith can preserve.
The Book says God is love.
Through faith we’re spared what we deserve.
Through faith we rise above.

Love, like God, is infinite,
Rejoicing in the Truth,
Inherent in each one of us.
We know love from our youth.

Love dispels all questions.
Compassion trumps all doubt.
Love can’t dismiss all sorrows,
But love helps ease them out.

Some question Faith and Deity,
Denying God above,
Disdaining forces they can’t see,
But no one questions love.



Her stripes were worn and faded,

Her fabric torn and frayed.

Tattered stars hung loosely now,

Weakened by old battles and decayed.


Still, she hung with dignity,

Despite her ragged state.

Her very fabric promised hope,

Although the hour was late.


Just then, as dawn was breaking,

A rustling in the trees,

A disturbance in the morning mist

And a cool, refreshing of breeze.


The flash of nearby lightening,

Pulses quickened by the thrill,

While meadows shook with thunder

And a deluge took the hill.


With that, Old Glory caught the wind,

Unfurled, as if to march.

Despite the hail that tore her hems,

She took the field and stretched out stiff as starch.


And those who saw this marveled,

And recalled old glory’s youth.

And hearts swelled near to bursting,

Quickened by old loyalties and truth.


And every soul saluted,

While new hope replaced old fears,

And each heart pledged allegiance,

And sealed their pledge with gratitude and tears.



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Many books are intended to provide escape through a long, convoluted plot, which is fully appreciated only at the conclusion. This is not that kind of book. WALK WITH ME is an invitation to escape with me to another place and time. As the title suggests, this little primer is intended merely as a pleasant stroll. It’s one and only purpose is to provide a pleasant diversion, a few steps at a time, anytime, and often. Share it with others who might benefit from a good leg stretching.    

My story, although autobiographical to some extent, is a fictional parable about youth, innocence, faith, heritage, nostalgia, and growing old. It contains humor, bitter sweet reminiscences, and glimpses of a distant day when life seemed simple, summer was perennial, and childlike faith assured tomorrows joys. 





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Jan 22, 2017

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