May, 2020

Here's a diversion during these trying times:

Lets be hopeful, prayerful and optimistic while we're 

under lock down, and join together recalling happy times.

Good luck, and may God bless us all, 

each and every one. 

Big News!  I'm now able to read my 

stories to you on YouTube.

Catch time by the tale

& let your imagination soar! 

Think back. Those of us who were lucky and blessed remember

sitting quietly and listening to someone read. The words formed 

magical pictures in our minds. Its how our imaginations learned to fly.

Fly with me now. 


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From the time I was a youngster I’ve enjoyed creative writing. Much of what I write is scene setting.  I enjoy taking you to a moment in time and setting the scene so that it feels as though you’re there with me. In this way we’re able to travel through time together. My You Tube channel is a collection of these moments in time. Some moments are from my childhood. Others are excerpts from my historical novel or selections from poems I’ve written through the years. Reading my works out loud is new to me. It’s a work in progress. I read from my little cabin in the woods, beside a wood range that has been a faithful companion for many years. You’re welcome to join us anytime. Share a moment with me and let me know what you think. 

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Many books are intended to provide escape through a long, convoluted plot, which is fully appreciated only at the conclusion. This is not that kind of book. "GLAD DAYS LONG AGO" is an invitation to escape with me to another place and time. As the title suggests, this little primer is intended merely as a pleasant stroll. It’s one and only purpose is to provide a pleasant diversion, a few steps at a time, anytime, and often. Share it with others who might benefit from a good leg stretching.    

My story, although autobiographical to some extent, is a fictional parable about youth, innocence, faith, heritage, nostalgia, and growing old. It contains humor, bitter sweet reminiscences, and glimpses of a distant day when life seemed simple, summer was perennial, and childlike faith assured tomorrows joys.



Her stripes were worn and faded,

Her fabric torn and frayed.

Tattered stars hung loosely now,

Weakened by old battles and decayed.


Still, she hung with dignity,

Despite her ragged state.

Her very fabric promised hope,

Although the hour was late.


Just then, as dawn was breaking,

A rustling in the trees,

A disturbance in the morning mist

And a cool, refreshing of breeze.


The flash of nearby lightening,

Pulses quickened by the thrill,

While meadows shook with thunder

And a deluge took the hill.


With that, Old Glory caught the wind,

Unfurled, as if to march.

Despite the hail that tore her hems,

She took the field and stretched out stiff as starch.


And those who saw this marveled,

And recalled old glory’s youth.

And hearts swelled near to bursting,

Quickened by old loyalties and truth.


And every soul saluted,

While new hope replaced old fears,

And each heart pledged allegiance,

And sealed their pledge with gratitude and tears.



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