I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University. My general philosophical interests are in philosophy of mind, philosophical psychology, and philosophy of science. The principal goal of my research is to construct a philosophically and empirically plausible account of social cognition. I also have research interests in theories of imagination and pretense, and action theory. 

Recent Updates:

I gave a short talk on the relationship between philosophy and science, which you can watch here

Recent talks: University of Düsseldorf, Ruhr University Bochum, Berlin School of Mind and Brain, University of Oxford, Midsummer Philosophy Workshop (Cambridge), Instituting Minds (London), Dimensions of Intentionality (Bochum), Glasgow University Philosophy Society, University of StirlingUniversity of Kansas. See my curriculum vitae for a complete list.

Recent publications: "On Whether We Can See Intentions" is forthcoming in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. "Phenomenology of Social Cognition" was accepted for publication at Erkenntnis. "On Direct Social Perception" is forthcoming in a special issue of Consciousness and Cognition. See the research page for more information on these and other papers.